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An Idiot's Guide to the Private Finance Initiative
A Special Report by Paul Foot

Norman Lamont tinkered with it. John Major approved it. But the intellectual thrust for the idea of the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) came from David Willetts, the Tory frontbencher nicknamed 'Two Brains'.

This is the story of the PFI: how it became a jewel in the crown of New Labour, its savings, its costs, its pitfalls and windfalls, and how it changed the face of British accountancy and British politics.

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24th July 2018
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    Football Fans ‘Proud to Be Hooligans Again’… Heatwave ‘Linked to Rare Weather Phenomenon Known as Summer’… People Who Never Had to do National Service Call for Return of National Service… Brexit Will Bring Huge Boost to Britain’s Candle Industry – Daily Express Exclusive… Vote Leave Disputes Electoral Commission Ruling and Calls for Re-run… Germaine Greer’s Diary, as told to Craig Brown
And also...
Exaro lives again
Website’s dodgy archive of batty claims arises like Lazarus
Shorting story
BlackRock bets against the Mail empire (and, er, one G. Osborne)
World Cup fever
Putin’s chums fund Russia’s great propaganda coup
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