eye crossword
No. 693 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword

8 Look back to find Cyclops is being cuddled by sincere drunk (9)
9 There's nothing in drink number two (4)
10 By way of securing rebellious Democrat finally for Panorama (5)
11 Low-in-calories, arse on ecstasy learned (8)
12 Soldiers backing these manoeuvres look like tourists (8)
14 Holding book to use as a basis for action, like Katie Hopkins? (5)
16 To depart from the script is dregs, atrocious (7)
18 Outdated Corbyn ultimately in quite a mess (7)
20 Scatterbrained insult about unfilled 24 hours (5)
21 Cardinal's soft – more when pissed (8)
23 Liberal Les, full of gas, associated with Republican cheat (8)
25 Country gets Farage to change political allegiance? (5)
27 Cold-shoulder American arse on the rebound (4)
28 Post-war organisation repeated large test of opinion (5,4)

1/24 Accepted victory has gone over Donald's head – a likely blow for a particular region (10,4)
2 Martin's inappropriate, getting end away (4)
3 Records about an arse crushing North – and South (6)
4 Trump's last season – needs, er, book of Psalms (7)
5 Prison label above military establishment (8)
6 After surgical procedure with biro, rump's in terrible state – public censure ensues (10)
7 See 26dn.
13 Grim, finished, close to how a sulking Trump feels himself to be? (4,4,2)
15 What Eye crossword solvers have in all good faith – Cyclops! (5,5)
17 Spot on bottom of alluring girl that gets you visually closer to the action (8)
19 Carry mobile in pursuit of a female? That's not the same thing at all (1,3,3)
22 Celebrity place known for divorce and welcome new beginnings (6)
24 See 1dn.
26/7 Person who's quite acceptable to dogs or bats (4,4)

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19th January 2021
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