Where There's Muck...
UK Ghost Companies & Corporate Crime: Special report by Richard Brooks & Andrew Bousfield

Where There's Muck... SETTING OUT PLANS for the UK’s presi- dency of the G8 at Davos in January, David Cameron presented “a vision of proper companies, proper taxes, proper rules”. A light would be shone on corruption around the world with “more transparency on how governments and, yes, companies operate”. Days later he was in Tripoli, lecturing Libyans on the need to “uphold the law and fight corruption”. But as a Private Eye investigation reveals, the world’s most corrupt, least transparent companies are not located in fragile states or faraway tax havens. They are to be found here, in offices across the UK from Clapham to Cardiff, facilitating the most serious international crimes while the government ignores one of Britain’s few growth industries: corporate corruption services...

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