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Issue: 98
Date: 17 September 1965

On The Cover: The Queen

The Queen Prince Harry
Issue 1397
24 July 2015
David Cameron George Osborne Rupert Murdoch Angela Merkel Alexis Tsipras Prince George The Queen
Issue 1396
10 July 2015
Greek Statue
Issue 1395
26 June 2015
Sepp Blatter
Issue 1394
12 June 2015
Karl Marx Tariq Ali Daniel Cohn Bendit
Issue 170
21 June 1968
Harold Wilson
Issue 139
14 April 1967
Issue 56
7 February 1964
The Times
Issue 115
13 May 1966
Margaret Thatcher Ted Heath
Issue 361
17 October 1975
Idi Amin
Issue 353
27 June 1975
Arthur Michael Ramsey
Issue 227
28 August 1970
Jim Callaghan Lord Matthews
Issue 441
10 November 1978
Geoffrey Howe P W Botha
Issue 640
27 June 1986
Margaret Thatcher Paul Eddington Nigel Hawthorne
Issue 577
27 January 1984
Issue 506
8 May 1981
Margaret Thatcher
Issue 620
20 September 1985
The Queen
Issue 886
1 December 1995
Arthur Scargill
Issue 750
14 September 1990
John Prescott
Issue 991
10 December 1999
Bill Clinton
Issue 956
7 August 1998
Gordon Brown Andrew Marr Baroness Scotland Alistair Darling Harriet Harman David Miliband Boris Johnson
Issue 1246
2 October 2009
David Blunkett
Issue 1113
20 August 2004
Gordon Brown Andrew Marr
Issue 1239
26 June 2009
The Queen
Issue 1135
24 June 2005
Peter Robinson Iris Robinson
Issue 1254
22 January 2010
Nick Clegg Mike Thornton Nigel Farage Howling Laud Hope Ed Miliband John O'Farrell David Cameron Maria Hutchings
Issue 1335
8 March 2013
Gordon Brown David Cameron Nick Clegg Sarah Brown Michael Caine Ed Balls Nick Griffin
Issue 1260
16 April 2010
Gordon Brown Piers Morgan Sarah Brown David Cameron
Issue 1256
19 February 2010
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And also...

- Heil Watch: Hurrah for the Mail & Mirror!
- Budget brief: George’s merciless medicine
- PLUS: Phone hacking latest; how Sun supergrasses are rewriting history; the SNP’s business-friendly New Girl; and Remote Controller on wither (geddit?) the BBC
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