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Issue: 1344
Date: 12 July 2013

On The Cover: Ed Miliband Len McCluskey

Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton
Issue 1390
17 April 2015
Alex Salmond The Queen
Issue 1389
3 April 2015
Jeremy Clarkson
Issue 1388
20 March 2015
Vladimir Putin
Issue 1387
6 March 2015
Issue 173
2 August 1968
Issue 2
7 November 1961
Issue 79
18 December 1964
Ronnie Kray Reggie Kray
Issue 189
14 March 1969
Harold Wilson
Issue 247
4 June 1971
Ted Heath
Issue 317
8 February 1974
Quintin Hogg
Issue 214
27 February 1970
Harold Macmillan Harold Wilson Ted Heath Anthony Eden Prince Charles
Issue 233
20 November 1970
Esther Rantzen Desmond Wilcox
Issue 487
15 August 1980
The Queen
Issue 538
30 July 1982
Margaret Thatcher Denis Thatcher
Issue 670
21 August 1987
Margaret Thatcher
Issue 728
10 November 1989
John Gummer
Issue 879
25 August 1995
Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Presley
Issue 852
12 August 1994
The Queen
Issue 819
7 May 1993
John Prescott
Issue 955
24 July 1998
Tony Blair John Reid
Issue 1177
2 February 2007
Gordon Brown
Issue 1209
2 May 2008
Ed Balls
Issue 1215
25 July 2008
Charles Kennedy Sarah Gurling
Issue 1059
26 July 2002
Royal Wedding
Issue 1287
29 April 2011
David Cameron Vladimir Putin Goerge Osborne Paul McCartney Stell McCartney Nancy Shevell Boris Johnson Nick Clegg Jeremy Hunt Rupert Murdoch Fiona Bruce
Issue 1320
10 August 2012
Nigel Farage Ed Miliband David Cameron Samantha Cameron Nick Clegg
Issue 1367
30 May 2014
Ed Miliband The Sphinx George Osborne Boris Johnson Prince Charles David Cameron Rock Of Gibraltar
Issue 1347
23 August 2013
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And also...

- Stink tanks: Michael Gove and Sajid Javid address a secret right-wing beano in the US
- That’s rich: BBC gives £15,000 to memorial service for multi-millionaire David Frost
- Sex, lies & ferrets: News of the World habits live on at the Sun on Sunday
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