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50 Shades Of Grey Tax Avoidance
Issue 1386
20 February 2015
Alexis Tsipras
Issue 1385
6 February 2015
David Cameron Jean-Claude Juncker Angela Merkel
Issue 1384
23 January 2015
Prince Andrew Virginia Roberts Jeffrey Epstein The Queen
Issue 1383
9 January 2015
Harold Wilson Ian Smith
Issue 130
9 December 1966
Francis Chichester
Issue 138
31 March 1967
Harold Wilson
Issue 203
26 September 1969
Moon Landing
Issue 198
18 July 1969
Ted Heath
Issue 228
11 September 1970
Ted Heath
Issue 316
25 January 1974
Reginald Maudling
Issue 390
26 November 1976
Jeremy Thorpe
Issue 369
6 February 1976
Arthur Scargill
Issue 581
23 March 1984
Margaret Thatcher Willie Whitelaw Geoffrey Howe Norman St John-Stevas
Issue 498
16 January 1981
The Guildford Four
Issue 727
27 October 1989
Margaret Thatcher Robert Kee
Issue 533
21 May 1982
John Major David Frost
Issue 811
15 January 1993
John Major
Issue 847
3 June 1994
Robert Maxwell
Issue 781
22 November 1991
Issue 757
21 December 1990
Richard Desmond
Issue 1105
30 April 2004
Jacqui Smith
Issue 1202
25 January 2008
Tony Blair Gordon Brown
Issue 1184
11 May 2007
Cherie Blair
Issue 1086
8 August 2003
David Cameron Boris Johnson
Issue 1318
13 July 2012
The Queen Prince Philip Prince Charles Camilla Parker Bowles Prince Andrew Prince William Prince Harry Princess Eugenie Princess Beatrice Princess Anne
Issue 1307
10 February 2012
David Cameron William Hague George Osborne Theresay May Philip Hammond House Of Commons
Issue 1348
6 September 2013
David Cameron Nick Clegg William Hague Theresa May
Issue 1322
7 September 2012
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Private Eye Issue 1386
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Owl and Pussycat in Offshore Scam… Fifty Shades movie ‘a triumph’ say masochists… Why Good Week for Ed Miliband Spells Disaster for Ed Miliband: Daily Mail exclusive… President Attila tells BBC: ‘I am man of peace’… Man Speaks on BBC for Whole Minute Without Being Interrupted… Chris Bryant on the Cumberbatch Wedding… Michael Portillo’s Great British Railway Journeys, as told to Craig Brown

And also...

- HSBC Special: Amnesty amnesia, two dodgy Daves and dawn raids on plumbers
- Rotherham abuse: Labour’s shame and the local MP who knew absolutely nothing
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Private Eye Issue 1385