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Issue: 942
Date: 23 January 1998

On The Cover: Tony Blair Gordon Brown

Nigel Farage Douglas Carswell Mark Reckless
Issue 1377
17 October 2014
David Cameron Samantha Cameron
Issue 1376
3 October 2014
Scottish Referendum
Issue 1375
19 September 2014
David Cameron Theresa May
Issue 1374
5 September 2014
Harold Wilson The Queen Pope Paul VI Marianne Faithful
Issue 136
3 March 1967
Harold Wilson Lyndon B Johnson
Issue 78
11 December 1964
Alec Douglas-Home
Issue 61
17 April 1964
Lyndon B Johnson
Issue 113
15 April 1966
Issue 329
26 July 1974
George Best
Issue 215
13 March 1970
Mick Jagger Bianca Jagger
Issue 246
21 May 1971
Margaret Thatcher
Issue 422
17 February 1978
Ian Botham Viv Richards
Issue 644
22 August 1986
Francis Pym
Issue 561
17 June 1983
Brenda Dean
Issue 631
21 February 1986
The Queen Mother Princess Michael of Kent Prince Michael of Kent The Queen Prince Philip Prince Charles Princess Diana Prince Harry Prince William
Issue 648
17 October 1986
Jonathan Aitken
Issue 858
4 November 1994
Tony Blair Gordon Brown Robin Cook
Issue 973
2 April 1999
John Prescott
Issue 955
24 July 1998
The Queen Prince Philip
Issue 989
12 November 1999
Osama Bin Laden
Issue 1041
16 November 2001
David Frost Tony Blair
Issue 1172
24 November 2006
Chinese Army
Issue 1206
21 March 2008
Adolf Hitler Nazi Party
Issue 1245
18 September 2009
Ed Miliband Ed balls
Issue 1324
5 October 2012
David Cameron Vladimir Putin Goerge Osborne Paul McCartney Stell McCartney Nancy Shevell Boris Johnson Nick Clegg Jeremy Hunt Rupert Murdoch Fiona Bruce
Issue 1320
10 August 2012
Ken Clarke
Issue 1282
18 February 2011
Rupert Murdoch
Issue 1308
24 February 2012
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And also...

- Trial of the Century: Postscript: Rebekah Brooks withdraws her application for costs.
- Keeping the Lights On: Why the new Hinkley Point plant is wallet-bogglingly good news for EDF.
- Dead Reckoning: Sceptics v Psychics.
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