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Issue: 752
Date: 12 October 1990

On The Cover: Margaret Thatcher

The Queen Prince Harry
Issue 1397
24 July 2015
David Cameron George Osborne Rupert Murdoch Angela Merkel Alexis Tsipras Prince George The Queen
Issue 1396
10 July 2015
Greek Statue
Issue 1395
26 June 2015
Sepp Blatter
Issue 1394
12 June 2015
Issue 85
19 March 1965
Grosvenor Square Riots
Issue 164
29 March 1968
Mandy Rice-Davies
Issue 42
26 July 1963
Harold Wilson
Issue 190
28 March 1969
Captain Mark Phillips Princess Anne
Issue 289
12 January 1973
Denis Howell
Issue 384
3 September 1976
Issue 257
22 October 1971
David Owen Andrew Young
Issue 421
3 February 1978
Margaret Thatcher
Issue 472
18 January 1980
The Queen Mother Princess Michael of Kent Prince Michael of Kent The Queen Prince Philip Prince Charles Princess Diana Prince Harry Prince William
Issue 648
17 October 1986
Margaret Thatcher The Queen
Issue 642
25 July 1986
David Jenkins
Issue 608
5 April 1985
Nicholas Ridley Margaret Thatcher
Issue 746
20 July 1990
Issue 987
15 October 1999
Camilla Parker Bowles
Issue 928
11 July 1997
David Owen
Issue 743
8 June 1990
Issue 1069
13 December 2002
Tony Blair
Issue 1039
19 October 2001
Paul Burrell
Issue 1092
31 October 2003
Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton Barack Obama
Issue 1201
11 January 2008
Kate Middleton Prince George
Issue 1364
18 April 2014
The Queen Prince Philip Prince Charles Camilla Parker Bowles Prince Andrew Prince William Prince Harry Princess Eugenie Princess Beatrice Princess Anne
Issue 1307
10 February 2012
Ed Miliband The Sphinx George Osborne Boris Johnson Prince Charles David Cameron Rock Of Gibraltar
Issue 1347
23 August 2013
John Terry
Issue 1255
5 February 2010
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Royal Family Salutes Edward VIII… Cameron orders Britons to leave UK… Jihadis Split – ‘It’s All Over,’ Says John… Athens Latest: Prometheus Accepts Punitive Terms… Heracles and the 12 Conditions… Cameron Learns from Greece How to Negotiate with EU… That BBC Celeb Letter You Won’t Read… Tim Farron: Me and My Spoon… Marina Warner: What is a story? as told to Craig Brown.

And also...

- Heil Watch: Hurrah for the Mail & Mirror!
- Budget brief: George’s merciless medicine
- PLUS: Phone hacking latest; how Sun supergrasses are rewriting history; the SNP’s business-friendly New Girl; and Remote Controller on wither (geddit?) the BBC
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