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Issue: 61
Date: 17 April 1964

On The Cover: Alec Douglas-Home

Jeremy Corbyn
Issue 1405
13 November 2015
George Osborne
Issue 1404
30 October 2015
Tom Watson The Queen Prince Philip Tony Blair Gordon Brown John Major Nadiya Hussain
Issue 1403
16 October 2015
David Cameron Michael Ashcroft
Issue 1402
2 October 2015
Ted Heath Reginald Maudling
Issue 204
10 October 1969
Issue 32
8 March 1963
Issue 65
12 June 1964
Jim Callaghan
Issue 191
11 April 1969
Michael Heseltine
Issue 291
9 February 1973
The White House
Issue 297
4 May 1973
Jim Callaghan
Issue 446
19 January 1979
The Queen
Issue 449
2 March 1979
John McEnroe Jimmy Connors
Issue 520
20 November 1981
Barbara Cartland The Queen Prince Philip The Queen Mother Princess Anne Princess Margaret Royal Wedding
Issue 512
31 July 1981
Margaret Thatcher
Issue 679
25 December 1987
The Queen Mother Princess Michael of Kent Prince Michael of Kent The Queen Prince Philip Prince Charles Princess Diana Prince Harry Prince William
Issue 648
17 October 1986
Michael Portillo
Issue 883
20 October 1995
Prince Charles
Issue 893
8 March 1996
The Queen Mohamed Al Fayed
Issue 931
22 August 1997
William Roache
Issue 780
8 November 1991
Prince Harry
Issue 1179
2 March 2007
Cherie Blair
Issue 1034
10 August 2001
Tessa Jowell
Issue 1153
3 March 2006
Gordon Brown Tony Blair
Issue 1152
17 February 2006
David Cameron Samantha Cameron
Issue 1373
22 August 2014
The Queen
Issue 1262
14 May 2010
David Cameron William Hague George Osborne Theresay May Philip Hammond House Of Commons
Issue 1348
6 September 2013
David Cameron Margaret Thatcher Nick Clegg George Osborne Theresa May Simon Hughes Danny Alexander Vince Cable
Issue 1275
12 November 2010
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- Street of Seumas: Why Corbyn’s new spin doctor is causing headaches at the Grauniad
- Vlogging a dead horse: The Sugg siblings take to the printed page
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