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Issue: 1225
Date: 12 December 2008

On The Cover: Michael Martin Jill Pay

Andrew Neil Susan Nilsson
Issue 1399
21 August 2015
Jeremy Corbyn
Issue 1398
7 August 2015
The Queen Prince Harry
Issue 1397
24 July 2015
David Cameron George Osborne Rupert Murdoch Angela Merkel Alexis Tsipras Prince George The Queen
Issue 1396
10 July 2015
Issue 161
16 February 1968
Ted Heath Enoch Powell
Issue 177
27 September 1968
Gerald Nabarro
Issue 187
14 February 1969
Harold Wilson
Issue 172
19 July 1968
Princess Anne
Issue 254
10 September 1971
Joe Gormley
Issue 319
8 March 1974
Princess Margaret Frankie Howerd
Issue 426
14 April 1978
Henry Kissinger John Vorster
Issue 385
17 September 1976
The Queen Mother Princess Michael of Kent Prince Michael of Kent The Queen Prince Philip Prince Charles Princess Diana Prince Harry Prince William
Issue 648
17 October 1986
Robert Runcie
Issue 540
27 August 1982
Leon Brittan
Issue 617
9 August 1985
Ronald Reagan Nancy Reagan
Issue 610
3 May 1985
Bobby Robson
Issue 744
22 June 1990
John Major
Issue 782
6 December 1991
Bill Clinton Boris Yeltsin
Issue 958
4 September 1998
Prince Charles Tony Blair Cherie Blair
Issue 933
19 September 1997
Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton Barack Obama
Issue 1201
11 January 2008
George W Bush Pope John Paul II
Issue 1108
11 June 2004
George W Bush
Issue 1073
7 February 2003
Michael Portillo
Issue 1026
20 April 2001
Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton
Issue 1390
17 April 2015
Gordon Brown Piers Morgan Sarah Brown David Cameron
Issue 1256
19 February 2010
Colonel Gaddafi
Issue 1285
1 April 2011
Lord Leveson
Issue 1328
30 November 2012
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And also...

- Batman & Yentob: How neither got their stories straight in the Kids Company closure
- May day! Polls on why Labour lost the election still don’t tell the whole story
- PLUS: Fleeing Eritrea; a government gamble on super-fast gaming machines; and why the Corbyn tax figures don’t add up.
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