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Issue: 940
Date: 26 December 1997

On The Cover: William Hague Ffion Hague

Prince Charles Prince Philip The Queen
Issue 1393
29 May 2015
David Cameron Tory MPs
Issue 1392
15 May 2015
David Cameron
Issue 1391
1 May 2015
Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton
Issue 1390
17 April 2015
Ted Heath Reginald Maudling
Issue 204
10 October 1969
Oswald Mosley's Union Movement
Issue 17
10 August 1962
The Queen
Issue 98
17 September 1965
Harold Wilson Harold Macmillan
Issue 47
4 October 1963
Julius Libman
Issue 241
12 March 1971
Issue 368
23 January 1976
Margaret Thatcher
Issue 465
12 October 1979
Harold Wilson Marcia Williams Jeremy Thorpe
Issue 376
14 May 1976
Margaret Thatcher
Issue 481
23 May 1980
Ronald Reagan Nancy Reagan
Issue 610
3 May 1985
Esther Rantzen Desmond Wilcox
Issue 487
15 August 1980
Margaret Thatcher Denis Thatcher
Issue 583
20 April 1984
John Major Tony Blair
Issue 923
2 May 1997
Prince Edward Will Carling
Issue 894
22 March 1996
Helmut Kohl John Major
Issue 900
14 June 1996
Robin Cook Gaynor Regan
Issue 950
15 May 1998
Iain Duncan Smith Betsy Duncan Smith
Issue 1065
18 October 2002
Tony Blair Cherie Blair Euan Blair Leo Blair Nicholas Blair Kathryn Blair
Issue 1009
25 August 2000
Kofi Annan Clare Short
Issue 1101
5 March 2004
Gordon Brown Father Christmas
Issue 1199
7 December 2007
Father Christmas Christmas
Issue 1356
23 December 2013
Fabio Capello Prince Charles Anna Chapman
Issue 1266
9 July 2010
Tim Peake David Cameron
Issue 1341
31 May 2013
Liam Fox David Cameron
Issue 1299
14 October 2011
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Ukip’s Supreme Leader Purges Rivals: North Korean Times Exclusive!… Heist thieves not arrested: bankers avoid jail… Homophobic Russia Celebrates Eurovision Success… Qatar Builds State-of-the Art Prisons for World’s Media… Captain of Lib Dem Titanic to be Given Key Role… Those Extremist TV Highlights Mrs May Wants to Ban… The Letters of Bernard Berenson & Kenneth Clark, as told to Craig Brown.

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