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The Lockerbie Files
Issue 1246, 29th September 2009
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Lockerbie: The Flight From Justice »
The Libya ‘link’
So was Libya even involved in the Lockerbie bombing? The answer is that nobody knows. Libya certainly had a grim record in state-sponsored terrorism, but there was scant evidence to link it directly to Lockerbie at the Zeist trial. The links to Libya came from the suggestion that a fragment of a timing device which survived the blast was an MST-13 timer produced by a Swiss company, Mebo, which had supplied some to Libya. But it had also supplied them to East Germany; and in any event Libya could have sold them on. Libya could well have had links with the PFLP and PPF cells; but again there was no evidence of such a link.

So why, then, was all this evidence against the Syrian- and Iranian-backed PFLP and PPF ignored? As Paul Foot explained in Private Eye’s special report, Lockerbie: The Flight from Justice, initially they were pursued - for a solid 18 months, right up to the point of announcing that arrests were imminent. Then suddenly the political mood in the Middle East changed dramatically. Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and the US/UN forces needed Arab support beyond their usual friends in Egypt. The Syrians were themselves worried about Hussein’s expansion in the area, and in November 1990 deals were signed to both neutralize Iran and to bring Syrian forces into the combined operation known as Desert Storm to reclaim Kuwait.

As Paul Foot described it, Lockerbie was to be played down and President Bush snr declared: “Syria took a bum rap on this.” No wonder no one now wants a public inquiry and the question remains: who was really behind the biggest ever terrorist atrocity on British soil?

Why the wrong man was in the dock »

Read Paul Foot's definitive account, Lockerbie: The Flight From Justice »

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A couple’s 13-year battle for an inquiry into blunders that led to the brain damage and death of their daughter is dealt another blow by NHS England.

Is your firm attracting bad publicity while oil prospecting in a national park in Africa? Then call in the legal and PR charmers from Schillings and Bell Pottinger!

Calls mount for a full public inquiry after two more nurses are charged with wilful neglect at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend.

Finding qualified court interpreters is hard enough since Capita took over the service, but the firm is also earning hundreds of thousands for… doing nothing.

The useless Gambling Commission looks on limply as yet another online gambling firm, Bet Butler, goes bust and runs off with punters’ winnings.

Scandal-prone property management company Peverel tries to clean up its reputation – and changes its name to FirstPort.

University pensions have a £13bn deficit, up from £2.3bn in 2011 – yet chief investment guru Roger Gray’s pay rose to £900,000 last year from £600,000.

Eco-lodge firm Forest Holidays pulls its planning application for 70 deluxe timber cabins amid the trees in Northamptonshire’s Fineshade Woods.

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