eye crossword
No. 633 by Cyclops
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1/19 "Dollar gets one questionable champagne (about a litre)
for one's haunt" (10,6)
6/26 Nick has a copy of Private Eye? Protest! (4,5)
10 Arafat allowed covering up of killing (5)
11 Sex situation in which gooseberry gets to play a part? (9)
12 A drink, then date comes up with engagement (9)
13 Obscure iron roundabout in Slough (5)
14 Be a composer, not a vacuous Trumpite! (6)
15 County group to the right of a certain Boris at heart (8)
18 Trump, acquiring name for Mexican leader, snapped "Piss! Become white!" (4,4)
20 It's slightly shocking getting one implanted in slack tits – and cold (6)
23 Blame bananas for such an old-fashioned handle (5)
25 Fascist soul's destroyed when crammed into compact vehicle (9)
27 Utter cur's grotesque erection (9)
28 See 3dn. 29 Party followed by Home counties should get shot? (4)
30 It can be bitter, being in pursuit of liberal state (10)

1 One time great going arse over tip getting an award (5)
2 Soppy title added to cart by collector of Tom's shit (3,6)
3/28 Result of rigged elections? Loot (7,5)
4 Means of evading corporate responsibility? Piss off! (3-3)
5 American evangelist leaders need quota of gas production? (8)
7 Reserved a scrubber with no surprise expressed (5)
8 Vigorous screwing, e.g. in Crete (9)
9 Feel and be stimulated, then faint (6)
14 No Tory leader has a thought like Queen Victoria (3,6)
16 Draw a line about tits and smile (3,6)
17 Fruity dish, m'lud, rudely interrupted promotion (4,4)
19 See 1ac. 21 Brooded: "Nonetheless, Trump's only just got started" (7)
22 Old ascetic Jewish sect member – some finesse needed (6)
24 Resigned minister pens " I love to swap around" (5)
26 See 6ac.

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Hype casting
Book trade goes overboard for Sally Rooney
Galileo blow
It’s all about missile guidance, stupid!
Lootin’ with Putin
City suits and the Moscow gold rush
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