eye crossword
No. 616 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
1 Airy-fairy Mrs May, trapped by emotional extremes, gets rid of Boris finally (8)
6 Bill to Hillary: "suppose president's first to go mad" (6)
9/15 Elected, fit – response to stimulus is e.g. unwelcome "pussy-grabbing" (13,9)
10 Wedding vow needs latitude, darling (4)
11 Who's responsible for Brexit? Elite circle (tear spilled)
12 Retreat with tits out, as one who might be on the pull (7)
14 Bill Cash snapped "Get rid of Labour leader", which is very dry (7)
16 Ed's half into pisspoor Spears covers (7)
18 He is in banking; he is pissing around in Rolls Royce? (7)
21 Ex-PM: question intelligence (4,6)
23 See 20dn. 25 Screwed in minicar by politician, making you look bad (13)
26 Upper classes want short military officer put on trial (6)
27 "Go on the piss," grunted rum King (3,5)

2 Dished dirt about hot bit (5)
3 Attlee up for resurrection with English military-style decoration (9)
4 Tabloid lover no longer smooth (7)
5 Penis hoisted by, er, booty-seeker (6)
6 Do a warm-up exercise: after second time, vomit (7)
7 Broadcasting negative raised by Sky (2-3)
8 Weinstein, not popular, amazingly takes Private Eye for a drink (5,4)
13 Sex? Tripe, gruesome – requires energy, ability! (9)
15 See 9ac. 17 Two-faced quality of the French and Italy, sadly (7)
19 Keeping pace with a tit (7)
20/23 Underwear row – Sun skewers old soldier (6,4)
22 Maxwell's property he went off ultimately? (5)
24 Issue surrounding Trump's and May's ends – keep under observation (3,2)

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