eye crossword
No. 720 by Cyclops, Issue 1565
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 28th January 2022. private eye crossword

8 Possible contraceptive that hurts? Here's something for your head (6)
9 Wretched bunch of Tory lords, lost without Duke (5,3)
10 Deposit sexual partner on back (5)
11 Anticipation of sore nuts being nursed by Barney (9)
12 Coming to a conclusion, Boris & Co's party? (9)
14/24 Beastly hunk, Pablo, messed around with rear (5,4)
15 Prat in liaison (dodgy)
offering enlightenment (13)
19 About to get arsehole to take place again (5)
20 How power might be delivered at present (9)
21 Steps into sack being pissed (9)
23 Tory grandee releasing book about the country (5)
25 First Lady (Republican) wants encore, on and on without end (8)
26 Kinky fun? Atmosphere not right (6)

1 Game to enter gay movement: follow-up to a reckless tweet? (7)
2/22 Feign ignorance about 'lady bump' (4,4)
3 Who stands at the entrance, issuing stupid order, OK, about piss-up (10)
4 One of ten with the Sun? Contemptible sort (6)
5 Taking top off, ups the temperature for members (4)
6 Who'd selfishly use whip's standard measure against presenter? (10)
7 Rank peer welcoming totally useless leaders (7)
11 Prior, or Cook, on the radio? (5)
13 Want erotic stimulation, something for one's spirit maybe (5,5)
14 Religious type in favour of match with a heartless fanatic (10)
16 Ready for bed, went to bed – er, backed off (5)
17 Right leaning leader involved with OBE is accepted by Boris – for a sum (7)
18 Cyclops' rest disturbed, ending in Jimmy Riddle (7)
20 They're mindful of Brenda boarding coaches (6)
22 See 2dn.
24 See 14ac.

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Private Eye Issue 1565
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New from Gnome Heritage: The Royal Platinum Jubilee Sex Assault Trial Commemorative Plate… Covid-19 confident the Tories are ‘just about over’… Government’s launches well-thought out plan of knee-jerk policies to save Prime Minister… BBC call for public to stop funding Nadine Dorries… Couple called Ant and Dec go home with lots of money after blockbuster gameshow Limitless Win launches… HS2 archaeologists uncover remains of ‘largest white elephant ever’… Kate at Phwooarty! –Exclusive to all newspapers… Piers Corbyn: An A-Z of what they don’t want you to know, as told to Craig Brown

Hari’s back
The great deceiver writes a book

Peter’s friend
Slicker on Mandelson and Jeffrey Epstein

Nad tidings
Nadine Dorries goes on manoeuvres

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2nd February 2022
Private Eye Issue 1564