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Posted by Adam Macqueen, 3rd November 2011 | 1 comment

The National Portrait Gallery exhibition also comes right up to date with one of the photos from this set of all the Eye contributors who regularly work from the office, taken this September by Muir Vidler.

Muir Vidler

Perhaps this – and former Eye hack Sarah Shannon’s very good piece in this week’s The Lady about the many women who have worked at Private Eye – will be enough to convince hacks and twitterers that the place isn’t entirely staffed by public schoolboys.*

L-R, standing: Bridget Tisdall, Hilary Lowinger, Amanda Alcock, Heather Mills, Francis Wheen, Richard Brooks, Craig Brown, Tom Jamieson, Sheila Molnar, Tim Minogue, (up top) Nev Fountain, (horizontal) Richard Ingrams, Ruth Pallasen-Mustikay, Adam Macqueen, Ian Hislop, Andy Murray, Sue Roccelli, Megan Trudell, Mary Aylmer, Nick Newman.
Crouching: Jane Mackenzie, Solomon Hughes, Tristan Davies, Sally Farrimond, Tony Rushton.

*it won’t.

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