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Issue 1435
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As a warm up for triggering Article 50, the Headmistress is triggering Article 40, in order to take back control of the school magazine The Bum, available in the school lavatories and – if you’re really desperate – Mr Murdoch’s newsagents just down Toilet Street.

Now we all agree that The Bum, produced by the Sixth Form Media Soc., has acted very irresponsibly over the last few years, and needs to be brought to heel. We will force the pupils editing The Bum to abide by a strict code of conduct, which will mean they will have to pay all their pocket money to anyone they offend, even if they were right to do so – and more importantly, they will not be allowed to publish upsetting photographs of the Headmistress’ leather trousers at every opportunity…

Mrs T May

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