eye crossword
No. 607 by Cyclops
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1 Boris's over-hasty ejaculation, making love with legs tangled (2,7)
6/23 Sombre toll when the Klan led astray (5,5)
9 Little woman runs American computer attacker (5)
10 Very into novel ideas in the sack? Take heed (2,7)
11 Used to be Trump's main Republican ("The Mexican is a good-for-nothing")
12 Endure less than 'exit' (7)
13 American: one's who been pulled? (6)
15 Dealer sticks to diddling (8)
18 Contradiction leads to arse being encased in concrete (8)
19 See 28ac. 22 Penetrating second male, sadly lack restraint (7)
24 America's chief needs link to "remove some text" (7)
26 Wall to wall cover-up, maybe, in which the CIA's an expert (9)
27 With beer gut overflowing, Cyclops has almost to swivel (5)
28/19 Descriptive of May's election victory? May's first sort of examination of French achievement (5,6)
29 May's number taken by Elliot and leaders of every European state? (9)

1 We six, up for inclusion in camp break (4,3)
2 Mean people's diet famously associated with this place (5)
3 Trendy sex impulse isn't half revolting (9)
4 Romeo hater, disheartened Conservative, upset opposition and Theresa's lead (6)
5 First Lady accepts (a)
Trump's heart is in pussy – that's clear (8)
6/25 Government negotiator "dead keen", said collapse entails "victory" (5,5)
7 Opinionated fool, ever excited about getting it up (9)
8 Skinner's thing: "Off with you! Retreat!" (7)
14 Underwear off, given free rein – it's obvious what you should do (2-7)
16 The woman's covered in blubber (Penny, that is)
– too much of this? (6,3)
17 Wrinkly's remedy? Mug up (8)
18 Tip of stake stuck in bollocks, strange position for the Speaker (7)
20 Theresa, unstable – time for second drama (7)
21 Roger wants ball (new)
? Exactly (4,2)
23 See 6ac. 25 See 6dn.

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