The All-New 'Time For A Change' Prime Minister’s WhatsApp Group
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PM's WhatsApp Group
I had a fascinating conversation with President Biden. He told me that he’d spent a whole year mastering how to say Rashi Sanook and now he was struggling with how to pronounce Sirkya Stamma, which he imagined was another Indian name.
David Lammy
So I should prepare to deal with President Trump, then?
Definitely now he’s been shot! Let’s hope he’s in shock and doesn’t remember you calling him a ‘neo-Nazi sympathising sociopath’.
David Lammy
But it’s the truth!
We’re in Government now, David.
Morgan McSweeney
Ruthlesswise, you’re on 11 out of 10!
Rachel Reeves
Actually, I’m Number 11, the PM has always historically lived at Number 10. I think it’s important for us to get these figures right, if we’re to earn the trust of the public.
Morgan McSweeney
You’re doing a great job too, Rachel – of making Keir look interesting.
Darren Jones
Speaking of numbers, there’s so many new Labour MPs, I could barely get a seat in the Commons.
Wes Streeting
As Health Secretary, I had to wait on a trolley in the corridor. The NHS is broken, I tell you, and it’s not our fault.
Louise Haigh
As Transport Secretary, I couldn’t get a seat either and had to stand for hours, and that’s not our fault either.
Shabana Mahmood
As Justice Secretary, I’d like to say that the crowded Labour benches were even more crowded than a crowded British prison. And that’s not our fault either.
Morgan McSweeney
This is great! How long do you think we can get away with blaming everything on the Tories?
About 14 years?
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