eye crossword
No. 700 by Cyclops, Issue 1545
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 23rd April 2021. private eye crossword

7 One who sets young Conservative loutish leaders breaking the law (7)
9 Mitt ("good 'un!")
offers protection for many Americans (7)
10 China expels Republican 'devil' (5)
11 Tennis bra snapped – slid down in childish play (9)
12 Failing to tax office furniture (4,5)
14 Tax perverted sex article (5)
15 A certain position, in which she playfully grabs orifice (7)
17 A large figure under-performing in high definition (7)
19/23dn. Cry for help expressed in this version of some credo? (5,4)
20 Our bolshie Dave joins with Bill (Private Eye)
, whom many fellow rebels claimed to be (9)
22 What are you doing, Balls? (9)
23 Small dramatic role "was orgasmic, love!" (5)
24 Trump's position regarding White House: "Expose result" (7)
25 Bird's looking angry with ballot (7)

1 Admission, in case dodgy Conservative succeeded (6)
2 See 21dn.
3 The Sun's Eye-bashing evidence? (6)
4 Obscure charge involving U-turning idiots (10)
5 Activist got at IRA's duplicity (8)
6 Nut-cracking the French way isn't right (6)
7 Sound of heavy smokers' chests? (7)
8 Bah! Bats variant for a day (7)
13 Prisoner fines so wrong – may be given to priest (10)
16 Voter, um, is turned with hard drink (8)
17 Collector sporting more impressive erection (oxygen-enriched)
18 Ruin poor oldies parking at the centre (7)
19 President Biden ultimately follows Marco about (6)
20 One revealing broadcaster takes heroin (6)
21/2 Ailment making you green and frigid (6,4)
23 See 19ac.

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Prince Phil Space
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Lex maniacs
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