eye crossword
No. 715 by Cyclops, Issue 1560
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword

1 Boris's upset with cut – "time to replace one's hamper" (8)
6 Building a party space back-to-front (6)
9 Time right after strip for a noted man (6)
10 Boris's retreat upset Drive magazine (8)
11 Loose talk not working? Go and piss off! (4,6)
12 See 21ac.
13 Seize one's money (7)
15 Blokes only popular with money, putting on a show (7)
17 Finished after sexual partner's disaster (5-2)
19 Second fiddle – arsehole (7)
21/12 Revered silence before sex that's amazing (4,4)
23 A good clear-out gone awry – caution, have to remove top (10)
26 Like Brenda's one joke captured by sound device (8)
27 Hang on – have in one's power one Tory leader! (4,2)
28 Blunt's deed, an abomination (6)
29 Summit on board, where important consumers gather (3,5)

2 The management's pissed off broadcast (5)
3 Such as Billy Elliot's nasty e-troll in neckwear (5,4)
4 New in this country, present name 'alien' (7)
5 X might represent this organ (5)
6 Split pea inserted in member is a barrier (7)
7 Gusset mangled – time to go for work out (5)
8 Democrat coalition dawdling (9)
14 Barely perceptible hand gesture, but it should heat things up (9)
16 Again I let out member and companions? (9)
18 Never a loser, bishop escapes – not put away (7)
20 Try a bit of sexual stimulation to improve the picture? (5,2)
22 Tory ultimately lied about supply (5)
24 Where you'll find racy types like bed (5)
25 It stands out quite transparently: Boris is extremely lacking, with negative, evil ends (5)

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Private Eye Issue 1560
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Johnson hails climate summit victory as temperature cools dramatically on his return to Commons… Tory MPs finally agree to wear masks so public won't recognise them after Owen Paterson vote… Britain's rivers express concern that 'Westminster is like an open sewer'… COP26 praised for record recycling of empty promises made at previous Paris summit… Why I have stopped supporting Peter Hitchens – Her Majesty the Queen speaks out… Mark Zuckerberg announces invention of Metaverse so humans can spend more time on internet… Holly Willoughby's Life Lessons, as told to Craig Brown

Parliament of howls
A brief history of shamelessness

Good Cop, bad Cop
Old Sparky on reasons to cheer (and jeer)

Profits of Doom
The profiteers who cashed in on Covid

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8th December 2021
Private Eye Issue 1559