Prime Minister's Questions
Live on Fakebook, Issue 1550
fb fb-boris fb like PM's Questions (Prime Minister enters to Russian Sound System blaring "Freedom" by St George Michael, hastily replaced by "Stayin' Alive" by the Heebeegeebees)

Boris: Yes, it's Freedom Day! Or rather, it's Terminus Day! Which means the train's been slightly delayed. And replaced with a bus. So we will reach the terminus eventually, but in the meantime we're going to ease off the accelerator, slow right down, look for somewhere to pull over, realise we're on a smart motorway, panic because there's no hard shoulder, put hazard lights on and prepare for major pile-up!

First Lady: Do you really think a polluting vehicle is a good metaphor for 2021?

Boris: Cripes, yes, quite right. How about a plane instead? Doors to manual, ejector seat, parachutes on , dive dive dive! Or is that a submarine? Great film, Das Boot. Which I'm not giving to Matt Hancock any time soon.

First Lady: You're rambling.

Boris: Yes, rambling, much better. Very green. Cornish coast, baby in the rucksack, on with the good old hiking boot – which I'm still not going to give to Matt Hancock.

First Lady: Do you want me to do this? Now Allegra's been "promoted" out of the picture, I could be the spokesperson. Given that I've come up with most of these policies, I might as well explain them.

Boris: No. Trust me…

First Lady: You've got to be kidding...

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