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No. 692 by Cyclops
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Running clockwise around the perimeter, starting top left, is a quote (with a minor change) appearing in Pseuds Corner in 2020, plus the perpetrator's name (2 words), and the publication in which it appeared (2 words).
The 56 letters of this entry not crossing with normal solutions are:


13 Measure against debts by FBI agent leads to resentment (11)
14 Maybe Tom needs a stimulant, being rigid? (9)
15 Opening gob, Labour leader causes division (5)
16 Is nothing right in the wake of elected Conservative (mouthy thing)? (7)
17 Arse-over-tip lay involves work – replenish drink (3,2)
18 'House cuts employment' stink? That's routine (2-3)
19 Peer gets award for fleshy bit of organ (7)
20 Periodic review of bakery fiasco (balls crushed) (8)
22 A cricketer, after courage, might use it to access booze? (6-6)
24 Minister chiefly demands Covid cover-ups (5)
27 Tame assignation interrupted by some awkward jerk (11)
28 Sent stuff in this to beat opponent on points? (6)
30 Hold back NATO manoeuvres – badger (4,2,2)
33 Convenient places for members to spout in (7)
35 Famous Bill gets chlorine lined up (9)
37 Interfere with organisation shunned by Trump's TV series (6,3)
38 Night raider casually kidnaps a Democrat, after which an act is passed? (5,7)
40 Figure endless rumpy-pumpy will make you rigid (5)
41 Awaiting action from elected member, love? (2,5)
44 Broadcaster's old lady needing a lawyer (7)
46 PM is lacking: North East suffered (5)
47 Labour gets in a lot of money daily? That should prompt discussion (7,5)
51 Thoroughly edited on Twitter, perhaps – time lost with name (9)
53 Mo heartlessly put on the spot (9)
54 Right-wing fanatic zone in a muddle (3-4)
55 British Left's ungenerous arrogance (8)
56 Drunken sot, top off, must last (6)
57 Show enthusiastic support for shag – time he had a drink (4,3,4)
60 What's become of the late person who was fired? (5)
62 'State Capital', the musical with sex featured in empty cemetery (8,4)
64 Party plonker grabs alternative means of entering chamber? (8)
66 Military type's strange aura – "I'm after sex" (7)
68/61 Before anything else, do some mating (if botched, you may have another go) (5,7)
70 Open secret – head of counter-intelligence given the boot (5)
71 Musically relaxing? Contradictory Val's pissed off (7)
73 Tomfoolery with soldier's mouldy things (5)
74 Having, say, a wee pint, but kept aware of what your group's up to? (2,3,4)
75 End of pin stuck in his groin – uh, horrible! Make the most of this time (7,4)

1 Nothing on chain attached to member that could bring romance? (4,5)
2 Section in Tokyo of seriously belittled teenagers (5)
3 The bloke's threesome, sin involved with "C", is play-acting (11)
4 Fast time in 'hollow penis surgery'? That's quite enough! (6)
5 Hansen (OAP!)
organised a commercial message taker (9)
6/26 Risked by one who's regularly on the job? (12,6)
7 One urge that's commonly dropped (5)
8 Cover-ups here of hash and pot distribution (3,4)
9 Some joint men toke as preparation (8)
10 With UN backing remove block on legal case which could be explosive (7,8)
11 No way to get booze as a medicine! (7)
12 Grease love all over, following heading of fact sheet (5)
21 A celeb restricted by Boris and Donald initially – "Fake!" (7)
23 Reckon poor Keir Starmer, no leader, is to drop the three R's – time to intervene (8)
25 Is about to mount virgin – produces tissue (5)
26 See 6dn.
29 Nonconformist Party: overthrown, finished and no longer in power (3,3,3)
31 Pair with solemn type? Creep! (5)
32 See 46dn.
34 It's Boris's idea Zambia actually is primarily an island (5)
36 Critic on art is trendy hoaxer at heart (3,6)
39 Trump's perception of his presidential standing? "Amazingly OTT, so I explained!" (7,8)
42/67 Man paid Trump to act up – no time, right for a world plan? (5,5)
43 Its team deals with the latest mistreatment of women, or accepting Coronavirus finally (8)
45 Author welcoming Sun? Wrong! (5)
46 Screw Eric for completely avoiding work! (4,4)
48 Some lackey in garage, disfiguring a car (6)
49 Explorer, first person acceptable to poke a lord (7)
50 Done thing: weirdly apt, if comical (4,8)
52 What about seizing Rex's spleen? (5)
54 Patriotic fervour shown by country against Islam, perhaps? (11)
57 Rough up the main area of London (9)
58 One hit with turd is given a light wash (6,3)
59 Aged pop star going to pot, upset – big fall possible from this situation (5,3)
61 See 68ac.
63 Topless cleaner and dirty old man coming to town (7)
65 Mountaineer's aid, ecstasy – row about 'climber's foot' (6)
67 See 42dn.
69 Rich source of voter manipulation (5)
72 Titled woman, say, interrupting tramp (5)

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