eye crossword
No. 696 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword

1 Killer arse almost on pop star (7)
5 Female hack (Times)
gets legal reparation (7)
9 Was a stool pigeon taking in Latin jargon? (5)
10 Labour plays a big role in this enmity – 'rat' abandoned (9)
11 In erect state, with tool-holder? Get stuffing etc! (9)
12 Nosey, flighty body, getting large (5)
13 Conservative leader elected to interrupt holiday (it involves penetration)
18 Television S & M – everyone needs protection (5,6)
21 A country's leader, shit, losing power – capital! (5)
23 Weird climber becomes a smuggler (3-6)
25 Boris just started on downfall – gesture "Great idea!" (9)
26 Board manoeuvres – the likes of Fergie deprived of dues (5)
27 Certain sort of walk from sweet innocent type, before the shakes (7)
28 Boris finally about to get car showing pieces of Latin script? (7)

1 Cuba's questioning taking in European ethnic group (6)
2 Naff attempt to hug tree (6)
3 VIP status? Pissed and flush! (4-5)
4 Forward's "blinking fast sex" (5)
5 Discourage Cyclops's resolve (9)
6 Male alternative working for dimwit (5)
7 Disputed election successes given support (8)
8 Make out with smooth, high-flying intelligence operator (8)
14 Some prick with the end of a joint, not welcome in the kitchen (9)
15 One new, lightweight, er ... bloke on TV? (9)
16 City in which Cyclops has nuts 'lab-modified' (8)
17 Make an assertion: "I went all the way"? (3,5)
19 Reveal big organisation's cover-up (6)
20 Chinese reactionary leaders leading double lives, a dire situation (6)
22 Musical princess grabbing Iggy's top (5)
24 Foxhunt events look to be backward – time to intervene (5)

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Private Eye Issue 1541
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WHO experts given unfettered access to cells which held whistleblowing doctors dismiss Chinese coronavirus lab theory… NHS Titanic captain announces ambitious plan to restructure deckchair facilities… Excitement grows over Boris Burrow to Northern Ireland that will never be built… Shellfish trade vanishes from UK ports – along with any sign of Nigel Farage crowing about Brexit… Spotify, Apple and Amazon release revolutionary new “Just Going for a Walk Without Listening to Another Celebrity Podcast” product… Government commits extra £3.5bn for “protective shield” against claims it did nothing to remove dangerous cladding… Snow, ice and freezing temperatures leave millions stuck under the duvet.

Knuckle down!
At home with Princess Anne (and Craig Brown)

Cap'n Bob is back
Look who's resurfaced in the Eye

Vandemic update
White Van Man delivers lessons for all

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3rd March 2021
Private Eye Issue 1540