eye crossword
No. 684 by Cyclops
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7 Desiderata is cutting whilst screwing (4,4)
8/24 An erection in the garden for this old copper (live one)
? (6,4)
10 Off-the-cuff remark from old politician following promotion (2,3)
11 Adventurous sailor, topless on bench, not socially acceptable (2,3,4)
12 Spin: once it worked to attain Trump's objective (2-8)
14/27/20/7dn. Pissed by how bad a garment chosen online, say, looks when actually on you? (3,5,3,4)
16 Lawyer arranged to take round "one", as the queen once put it? (5,2)
18 Where 'disloyal' Scots were tragic victims of devious con in fun (7)
20 See 14ac.
22 UK no longer gives pledge to recruit Labour leader by force (5,5)
25 Little learner Jimmy, possibly taking left during out-of-control manoeuvre (9)
27 See 14ac.
28 Being in irons, I deem it's OK to score (6)
29 Obvious run out – flip! (8)

1 Pissed players taking time to show this old instrument (8)
2 Sadly, 'Big Lola' lacks one that's spherical (6)
3 Drink when getting it up (4)
4 "Leadership from government useless!" industry heads ball (8)
5 Regarding former party leader's rambling? (2,4)
6 One who proclaims POTUS should be stuck against tree, perhaps (9)
7 See 14ac.
9 In the sack, holding grid carelessly, gets cut (8)
13 Maybe Clare the broadcaster gets stars on show? (5,3)
15 Specialist union's extravagance (9)
17 Dollars we endlessly wasted securing the top legal team? (3,5)
19 Gay revolutionary, er, not quite satisfied (8)
21 Ray's alternative drug? Same old stuff, hardly changed (6)
23 Where a patient could be making advances (6)
24 See 8ac.
26 Democrat: "One has to take a header" (4)

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6th October 2020
Private Eye Issue 1528