eye crossword
No. 681 by Cyclops
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1 He had a member removed from the UN (Uche)
4 Cost of getting Katie and Mark together? (5,3)
10 Hotplate exploded – bingo! – over head of Lord Gnome (9)
11 See 2dn.
12 Large, seedy, eastern European city (5)
13 US state briefly declined morally and gave way (9)
14 See 21dn.
16 Dope going round block for wrapping material (7)
19 City contributes to senator on tour (7)
21 Clue: S&M involved power (6)
23 Little data on aroused state – about to go for coronavirus? (9)
25 Maybe Tony's one to pull back (5)
27 See 2dn.
28 Ring kitchen equipment bloke who's a staunch Protestant (9)
29 'Hattersley with an agenda'? Not how you'd describe Corbyn (8)
30 Drat! I maligned penis – ultimately, it's much bigger than you might think (6)

1 Old lover? Well, don't hold your breath (6)
2/11/27 Pence, able to shake booty, accepts ring as prestigious award (5,5,5)
3 Stupid person nursing awful dose – result of coronavirus? (9)
5 It's hairy, Buzz mounting Grant (7)
6 A tit's place: by the old man's drink? (5)
7 Loathsome person's penis – don't eat it! (9)
8 Drunk eyed girl in a piggish way (8)
9 Whack Rex's kitchen aid (6)
15 Fanciful, getting fresh just before end of day (4-5)
17 Go off with a Stalin white-washed version of the past? (9)
18 Dick makes an appearance at the end of his act? (8)
20 One appears in New Moon and Love the Land of Trump – sinister (7)
21/14 Hard work, getting party to follow instructions (6,6)
22 A party offence to back lordly politician (6)
24 Conservative with wind – fishy thing (5)
26 Having certain members injured (hospital avoided)

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MD on a road to recovery

Loan wolves
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Private Eye Issue 1525