eye crossword
No. 658 by Cyclops
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8 Gag about failed airline's torrid spell (8)
9 Would-be hack grabbing the woman's 'sweet little thing' (6)
11 One who accepts Boris unquestioningly at first: "One's uncouth" (5)
12 Sloppy bedroom habit, not climaxing, not releasing ring (9)
13 Leader's abandoned guiding rule in 'tardy' smear (9)
15 See 2dn. 16 Member finished? An advantage (3,2)
18 President has change of heart when prostitute appears (5)
22 Clutch balls primarily by back opening (5)
24 To criticize, complain – traditionally enjoyed by British consumer (5,4)
26 Like a film of M. Caine produced by jerk (9)
27 Washed out Vogue magazine chief? (5)
29 Sporting competitor in power – unnerving (6)
30 Non-PC female technique shows here (8)

1 Police: "It'll be unusual, capturing hearts" (3,4)
2/15 Description of Prince Archie? Might get a hammering by player (4,5)
3 Ant and mates' mass action: putting member in motion? (8)
4 Trump: akin to rock crushing the state (6)
5 Acting like a scared hack, being a tosser (6)
6 Unrestricted source of sex, handsome? Try it with nothing to lose (4,6)
7 Main recession – bet I'd be screwed (3,4)
10 Say Right gets in to back "English king"? (6)
14 Getting very fat, sport? (10)
17 Labour possibly recruits independent for consistency (6)
19 Player's all over leaders of 'free world alliance' – a threat to peace (3,2,3)
20 Sun has rogue wreathed in honour – cover up! (7)
21 Dicky mounting duke in disarray, say, when things don't go well (3-4)
23/28 Ooze over couch (blue)
, presented to appeal to simple minds (6,4)
25 Bill (bloody hell!)
attached to Democrat correspondence (6)
28 See 23dn.

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