eye crossword
No. 731 by Cyclops, Issue 1576
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 8th July 2022. private eye crossword

1 Always backing Adam's mate (Labour right-winger) (7)
5 Endless resentment associated with pole dancing cover (7)
9 Support when wife leaves sly, furtive type (5)
10 Phone sex dodgy? Cancel! (4,2,3)
11 One who initiates a bang – aroused, ardent too! (9)
12 Hold on to amphetamine, bitch! (5)
13/17/26 Putin's war – "anti-imperialist core ploy" – goes pear-shaped when America intervenes (7,8,9)
15 A burning hate for this guy? (6)
18 Brown accepts Hello bribe (3,3)
20 Conservative starts to have invitations accepted – Number Ten includes drink! (7)
22 Fortune can be a pain in the arse (5)
24 A lot of money invested in processed shit pet food (9)
26 See 13ac.
27 Spear-carrier in unisex trainers? (5)
28 City responsible for Heath retiring? "Having one in balls" (7)
29 Ed's ballsed up against Tory rabble – waste (7)

1 China kicks out King and his sort – diabolical! (8)
2 Dicky tries to engage once more in parliamentary business? (5)
3 Beer name on can clutched by very old screen idol (9)
4 Public performance of filthy article (7)
5 Bust near leg? Pad out (7)
6 On the way out, not dead but very striving (5)
7 John, pre-eminent male, performing – or being a spectator (7,2)
8 One who pulls plug on Brenda? (6)
14 Exuberant wild teen hold balls against one (9)
16 A selfish Tory leader crushed – untrustworthy (9)
17 See 13ac.
19 Cold inside, is fast moving far to the right (7)
20 'Gotcha!' in editorial, somewhat restrained (7)
21 Having an erection, Henry (advanced in years)
gets support (6)
23 Soak pissed over hospital cap (5)
25 Common vegetable – extremely tiresome when stuck into sailor (5)

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Private Eye Issue 1576
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13th July 2022
Private Eye Issue 1575