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No. 718 by Cyclops, Issue 1563
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Running clockwise around the shaded squares, starting top left, is an extract (with a minor change) from our regular feature, Nursery Times in 2021. [Hint: it has a minor theme]. The 52 letters of this entry not crossing with normal solutions are:


NB. Entries should be a list of answers to the clues, plus the shaded squares quotation.
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12 Altercation from much-reduced Brown – boring thing (5)
13 Related to an erection produced by devious theatrical cur (13)
14 Strongman has crack at viewer (6)
15 As Dracula stuffed B-list Dorothy? (12)
16 A way to cut Tory extremes that's palatable (5)
18 Old joke boobs and testicle (8)
19 Pull back balls to reveal cheap drink (3-3)
21 Organ associated with cricketing no. 1, say, is quite something (3-6)
23 Trace uncle's potty aversion (10)
25 Boss learning to get end away (4)
26 Given a makeover, the woman's backed against tree by press boss (8)
28/41 Praise for boxer possibly involves sentimentality, knocking back rum, and a lot of money (4,3)
29 Talk of political party lines (8)
30 Elected some macho senator (6)
32 Delays getting large with Tories around (7)
35 Fail miserably to secure Biden's ultimate end (5)
36 Tell if Tony is devious (6)
38 Casually dismiss senior with hot toupee – sick (5,3)
39 Beset by ring stuck in rear (9)
42 Wobbly bum all, er, inverted as protection against a fall (8)
44 Fearful of a ragged broadcast (6)
46 To sum up: frontrunner goes arse over tip (5)
48 Island's giant balls-up against united African leaders (7)
50 Concerning who's getting screwed and publicly visible (2,4)
51 Floor has a second turning, no shit! (8)
53 White-collar manager's diamonds? (4)
54 Stupid order to Cyclops to cut down on the crossword stuff (8)
56 Milk bar item, not hot alcoholic drink (4)
58 Private Eye insisted on breaking up cricket team? (4,6)
60 Conservative sign blasted apart for the queen (9)
62 Give back, er, going over on romp with date (6)
63 What Trump intends to do about 2024 presidency? Get the hell out! (3,3,2)
65 Good evidence academic accepts nothing (5)
66 Britney Spears almost screwed church member (12)
68 Crap subject for parliamentary debate? (6)
69 Republican ring getting hack to intervene in voting process – a shocking departure (13)
71 Contribution from Putin somewhat misplaced? (5)

1 Last of the political party stuck in river bottom – discussed at great length (10)
2 Internet searcher conceals the total votes cast (6)
3 Blow up Democrat? Anytime, maybe (8)
4 Some guy inflamed by extremist angry mob? (6)
5 State split on gin concoction for raising kids (9)
6 Engage in combat – nothing to be lost for right? (4)
7 Biden started getting awfully teary – and cross (6)
8 Incompetent, corrupt leaders in Lib-Lab arrangement, according to the book (8)
9 In jest, a pledge to hold things together (6)
10 Getting screwed up tree (held by head) – keep going! (10)
11 She struck off aggressive traders (9)
17 Censor row: Fulham housing in a sad state (9)
20 City used by senator on tour (7)
22 Right away, stick something in member! (5)
23 Bar elected sculptor (5)
24 Prison: no backing rule (5)
27 Declaim: "Maintain river" (4,5)
29 A terrible cull involved in Blanchett's work out (9)
31 Starts to screw an unconcerned navvy at steamy place (5)
33 See 70dn.
34 Is a revolution choking your small country? (5)
37 Lock up dessert – Ed's done a runner! (5)
40 Composition of Italian island, Io, visited by Conservative leader, twice (9)
41 See 28ac.
43 One just looking right into emergency fuel container? (7)
45 Lower yourself, stuff one thousand dollars in hole (5)
47 Civil Service absorbing drunken sot's expenses (5)
49 Not large? Pull it off, flower! (5)
52 Kinky outfit – gosh, marvellous! (3,2,5)
55 Next remit yields housing tip (9)
56 Beastly place to flash, outside a fair ground (6,4)
57 Reserve party gripped by flu, best dismantled (4-5)
59 Vague, as jet-setters often are (2,3,3)
61 Sugar spread over bar by one European? (8)
64 Welsh recycling green energy (6)
65 Asleep, being screwed, if you don't mind! (6)
66 Finds bottom excellent; bollocks quite empty (6)
67 Jerk's tot spiked by wife (6)
70/33 Hint: processed diamonds, hardly your most secure means of support (4,3)

There is no Across Lite version of this crossword available.

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