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No. 711 by Cyclops, Issue 1556
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1 City's empty, beer's off before 10, but some people are virtually satisfied with that (8)
5 Quite open about one's sexuality, very attractive and firm (6)
10 See 6dn.
11 One who contributes greatly to the process of Government-awarded contracts? (4,5)
12 Starlet is crap in a final performance (4,5)
13 See 23ac.
14 Having seen better days, the state finally admits boob (4,2)
16 Sex act with flatulence, which makes progress difficult (8)
19 Dish, after second shower (8)
20 Quote Cyclops on return, causing people to throw up (6)
23/13 Afro cut executed with hoe? That's beyond me (3,2,5)
25 Time's against king acquiring charm – rather acerbic (9)
27 Tory leader on trial, unexpectedly admits truth finally – what a sport! (9)
28 To get sick after USA' s right-wing victory is to benefit (5)
29 Prick – follower of Cleopatra's? (6)
30 Duke gets into shags with cool titled female (8)

1 Intimidates liberal independent political leaders – a bloomer (7)
2 Impudence of female underwear and smalls (5)
3 "Break your butt", putting it coarsely, is not to show reserve (9)
4 What's left of drugs supported by gallery (6)
6/10 'Hidden drawers' pun is recycled (5,5)
7 Who dreams of a soft drink and sits around? (9)
8 Camembert or cheddar, burnt inside (7)
9 Administrator set about shafting firm (7)
15 A game one would play, given sun, sex, atmosphere and energy (9)
17 Protest about Republican Cathy being gutless – not welcomed by authoritarian leader (9)
18 City needs to repay the debt, having pocketed American capital (7)
19 Drink of spirits and Ben loses head – prune! (7)
21 A swinger (both ways)
Tom makes use of? (3-4)
22 The bloke with rain-affected protrusion of organ (6)
24 Having a corporation topping a large killing (5)
26 Took place in a hospital initially about to go under? (5)

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Private Eye Issue 1556
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Big Tory donors unfazed by the NI hike

Profits of doom
More rich pickings for Covid entrepreneurs

Teen vaccination
MD on the arguments for and against

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27th October 2021
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