eye crossword
No. 699 by Cyclops, Issue 1544
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7 Feel knackered again, so withdraw (6)
9 "He is cast out!" – whip (8)
11 Ecstasy time at organised games (9)
12 Backing vehicles for Sting (5)
13 Restraint is quite OK when suppressing noisy Trump rebel leaders (7)
15 One time to get into pain-in-the-arse exercises (7)
17 Top disaster as a result of Coronavirus restrictions? (8,7)
21 Balls crushed by Bush in chamber (7)
23 Bonds a/c dodgy – scarper (7)
25 Bender results in bowel movement (5)
27 Perhaps Trump's attempted presidential role is embodied in "Nationwide spot is mine!" (9)
29 Brenda's lot, quite comfortable lacking a quality of civility (8)
30 "Money!" the vocalist shouted (6)

1 Right way of going about beating up poor clot (8)
2 See 26dn.
3 Try to get off with Trilby, say, gaining access to part of bra (4,2)
4 Snakes getting Dick to ensnare party leader (4)
5 Massive entertainer's work stunt (8)
6 Balls examinations restricting energy (6)
8 Start of Tories' downfall sequence (5)
10 Press line on Washington upheaval, as exemplified by the storming of the Capitol (3,3)
14 One squeezed into Dior creation (medium)
16 Genital area oil spread over two opposite directions (5)
18 Could be messing with drug causes medical emergency (4,4)
19 It's designed to move a stiff male behind (6)
20 Grubby residue, result of poor diet, note (8)
21 Infringement of Boris's first contact (6)
22 Jellyfish capable of making men rock hard? (6)
24 Oxygen/iron treatment for a group of stars (5)
26/28/2 Enthusiastically accompanied by Frank and members (4,4,4)

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Private Eye Issue 1544
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Joy as lockdown eases to allow people to do what they’ve been doing for a month already… The Sofa Speaks! Arcuri/Johnson Affair Latest… Millions cry tears of laughter as Mr Lobby returns and loses a fortune… Two mass shootings mark return to normal in US after nightmare of Covid… Immigrants to be subject to UK-EU deal regulations ‘like any other import’ to cut numbers… Cartoonists aghast as giant metaphor in the Suez Canal is refloated… Violent protests demanding the right to protest peacefully continue… Goldman Sachs concern as shirkers work only a 95-hour week… Lethal threat to UK forces from ‘repeated UK defence reviews’… My lockdown – a celebrity special, as told to Craig Brown

Bullet points
Defence review special across all three services

World Dis-Service
How the BBC messed up on Myanmar

Pandemic update
The Eye’s MD on life after death

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12th May 2021
Private Eye Issue 1543