eye crossword
No. 653 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 21st June 2019. private eye crossword

7/24dn/26 Lead news is 'Stupid Tory Preston gaffe' – iron out (5,4,5)
8 Loose end activity? Oh dear, air needs refreshing! (9)
10 Not all 'bicycle men' cycling? Pity (8)
11 Bill lacking neckwear to strangle Corbyn's no.1 (6)
12 Casino employee gets wood meeting Brenda? (6)
13 Barking, Leeds, etc. to ditch political candidate (8)
14 MP behind ministers, one gambling on securing seat (11)
19 Advantage of parliamentary figure getting clap from a number of people? (8)
21 Model knackered after sex? Hardly ever (6)
23 Lunar I's working place offering relief (6)
24 Smile awkwardly, being gobbled by Kitty, who'll not hesitate to give an opinion (8)
25 Agent's thing produces pong – is A&E involved at the end? (9)
26 See 7ac.

1 Head examination needs it (4,3)
2 One mounting Cyclops's top grade, long 'beast' (6)
3/22 Extent of London's sources of cash injection typically, yet woefully slim with it? (4,6)
4 Right side of your arse is big cold mass (6)
5 Porky Tory leader out of formal wear (replaced by Labour leader)
6 Company 'C' surrounded by top show-off (7)
9 House leader given the boot, a schmuck, ultimately a nerd (6)
13 Right engages in unfeeling terror (5)
15 Deplorable pap? Conclusion: one Times supplement (8)
16 Ex-Labour minister's to make a move on the board (6)
17 May is at that point, since being rejected? (7)
18 Trump's crown concerning – certainly not much of a hairstyle (7)
20 Sick of being unsuccessful? F-off! (6)
22 See 3dn.
24 See 7ac.

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Entries: Send your completed entries via post to Crossword, Private Eye, Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BN or via email here.

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