eye crossword
No. 704 by Cyclops, Issue 1549
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 18th June 2021. private eye crossword

1 Have sex with Bobby – at a distance (3,3)
4 Eccentric earl needs adjustable legging elasticated tops for proper piss? (4,3)
9 On top, firm, coming to a violent end – that should keep you warm (8)
10 "State ain't budging!" – Sheen (6)
11 Feeling pain from a chain applied to tip of willy (4)
12 Working to switch round balls, nothing fancy (2-8)
13 Managed to get into quite an awful, unwelcome end to foreign holiday? (10)
15 Bare skin enthusiast (4)
17 Cold? No turning blue! (4)
18 Germaine screwed around with short lieutenant of the colonel's command (10)
20 Hot air associated with club's kitchen aid (6-4)
22/7 What an actor learns after having an erection: "Too bad" (4,5)
23 Immediately in favour of not getting pissed (6)
24 Former nickname of Henry, the TV presenter, a Covid-spreader? (8)
25 Wholesome female having been given one: "Not a thing" (5,2)
26 The country's broadcast smear (6)

1 Violet chewed cud in London, say – mayoral obligation? (5,4)
2 Prince affectedly "creative": badly managed by Starmer? (5)
3 Disapprove of what Brenda has to have for ceremonial occasions (with new top)
5 Stretch old underwear it's said (7)
6 Family blood type acceptable? Refuse to go into it (6,3)
7 See 22ac.
8 Arrangement with bank that should have you on your feet (8,5)
14 Call on crook to guarantee funds won't be misused (4-5)
16 Country confiscating tabloid gets bouquet (9)
18 Take a lecherous look back at Dicky and give a faultless recitation (4,3)
19 Jaws operator responsible for artist and Brenda getting together (7)
21 London borough chief ignored Archer's release (5)
22 Labour leader at centre of own split (5)

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Private Eye Issue 1549
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23rd June 2021
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