eye crossword
No. 767 by Cyclops, Issue 1612
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 8th December 2023. private eye crossword

1 Having an erection plastered makes you rather tense (7)
5 Shadow cabinet ultimately constrained by useless creeps (7)
10/26 Bonus clue: all part of the equation? (4,4)
11 Feel weary again, chaps? Tense? Withdrawal is the answer (10)
12 Fail to find ex-PM is initially likeable on the inside (6)
13 Bloke lacking energy to embrace love gets out of bed to pursue the matter (6,2)
14 Opposition helping to create 'gene myth' (5)
16 Heartless scandal that hurt awkward person (6)
19 Troops display body image? (6)
20 Kids matter (5)
22 Question put to idiot political leader: "Why don't politicians think before communicating via this?" (8)
24 Top male gets one in the sack (6)
25 Brigand due to be operated on, not having had 'the snip'? (10)
26 See 10ac.
27 Core scenes bungled at end of Grease (7)
28 Immortal one in Glasgow covered in dung sadly (7)

2 Speaker's support – for advice to publishers of Hancock's Pandemic Diaries? (6)
3 Popular substance-abuser's thing: getting strapped (9)
4 Sporting an erection, ultimately funny and comic (5)
6 Loss of power means Trump's final salary is pathetic (9)
7 Had an orgasm – beginning of outrageously small role for a star (5)
8 Disown venue where many got a divorce on cue, perhaps, with love abandoned (8)
9 Close with shag at end of day (6)
15 Came in a flash, full of vitality – bighead! (9)
17 Balls shy at dancing – too impulsive! (9)
18 Liberal content incurs whip's administrations (8)
20 Call into question one's president: "gun-crazy!" (6)
21 Fringe of Thatcher's left wing elected? (6)
23 Put forward lie about Boris's lead (5)
24 Wait! New start needed for the old leader (5)

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13th December 2023
Private Eye Issue 1611