eye crossword
No. 714 by Cyclops, Issue 1559
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword

1 Two bodies in alignment start to exchange punches, middle of sex (7)
5 An honour to cover southern arse's hide (7)
10/21 Maybe QAnon wants political party's thieving male protected by party supporter (10,6)
11 President's no. 2 gripping tool (4)
12 Virtuous male abandoned sexual activity (4)
13 Phoney failed presidential candidate on a limb: "No need to panic" (5,5)
14 Ultimately futile politician, a politician extremely vacant (5)
16 A good person caught in fact in 'flagrante' – great! (9)
19 Finished up as a student by performing a duet in drag, perhaps (9)
20 Unreliable as a US vehicle brand? (5)
22 Tar applied after possible Covid symptom, producing a state of excitement (5,5)
24/26 Join in with Kate twisting member (4,4)
27 Private Eye replica produced with internal backing of one party? (10)
28 Organ, large, has transplanted facial hair (7)
29 Self-powered individual having left with cystic abnormality (7)

2 Vocal group's demo finally puncturing rich organisation (5)
3 Put down wrapping round inside of ear and cut off (9)
4 Erection produced if tip of staff is put in filthy place (6)
6 One's to be found in Bury, the outlandish festival venue (8)
7 Polite city leader, very angry, not quite getting erection (5)
8 Coming round again after er, reversing arse girdle (9)
9 Related to MPs corrupt party covering up real main corruption (13)
15 Quivering cane held by gay person doing it for the money (9)
17 Law history curtailed – terrible mockery of justice (4,5)
18 Pants worn by smoker, producing awful row when squeezed? (8)
21 See 10 ac.
23 Praise someone's butt many times over (5)
25 Kiss extremities, munch inside – that's a poet for you (5)

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Private Eye Issue 1559
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From Malaysia to an NHS ward near you

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8th December 2021
Private Eye Issue 1558