eye crossword
No. 702 by Cyclops, Issue 1547
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1 Undermining Boris, Whitehall sources appear in e.g. Metro? (6)
4 Victoria is said to have been a large body a male took advantage of (8)
10 Senior politician's dull husband to be augmented with a new member (4,7)
11 See 27ac.
12 Elected after whopper rest (3-2)
13 Have an erection after a double large one? Nothing to worry about (3,2,4)
14 Smart set, therefore drug-taking large community (7)
16 Cat prancing round popular end of town – full of beans maybe? (3,3)
20 Pass on coronavirus data, etc falsely? (6)
21 One more bastard on earth (7)
24 Sad Reagan has to carry the can for the nation (9)
26 A fattened victim of castration, so headwear in place (5)
27/11 Everything is fiery torment almost – taking refuge in drink (3,3)
28 Being cool, ran with erotic movement – it certainly hots things up (11)
29 Scorn political party's diminished allure (8)
30 Group in the outskirts of Stepney getting hot and damp (6)

1 Sperm donor's thing to be small and rather bulky? (6)
2 Gambler Dicky's not so broke (6,3)
3 A southern female fond of a lay – ghastly! (5)
5 Old duffer, Noel, awful without make-up (6)
6 If the mask agitates, it's only for the short term? (9)
7 Labour leader cuts free medication (5)
8 Possible new boyfriend has row? Get over it –it will be a different day (8)
9 Expose a hunter's balls (7)
15 Stimulus of working in TV: nice to go over Eamonn's head (9)
17 Queen gives Cameron initial sign: "Party almost broken by one" (9)
18 Invasive coronavirus starts after performance by TV presenter – "Mega!" (8)
19 Upper-class Conservative, coddled by governess – bizarre (7)
22 Stylish top moves to bottom on getting high – a setback (6)
23 Go apoplectic green? Yes! (6)
25 After Gove's opening, have an inclination to cull! (5)
26 A painter needs firm balls (5)

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Private Eye Issue 1547
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Why we salute brilliant Boris – exclusive to all newspapers who suggested he was a useless sleazeball… Binface Party has lost its way after trying to become less silly, says Labour party observer… Care homes to have discretion over whether to give residents a reason to live… President Putin furious at being linked to discredited member of British royal family… Dalek Zeg outed for bad behaviour on set of Doctor Who… Duchess of Sussex accused of plagiarism by fellow children's author Sarah Ferguson… Hugo Vickers: My Cecil Beaton Diary, as told to Craig Brown

Fraud focus
The Serious Farce Office in the dock

Royal pretender
A fake toff cons the Street of Shame

EU greenwash
Brussels caves in over what 'green' means

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23rd June 2021
Private Eye Issue 1546