eye crossword
No. 695 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword

7 See 25dn.
8 Application to work with elected, grubby, rotten leader on the inside (8)
10 One's inserted in complex anal op (for which no hands required)
11 Limitations of street bands (7)
12/3 Acrobatic manoeuvre, holding object, causes hair problem (5,4)
13 Fine hair insufficient in the nether regions? (4,5)
16 One who obtains drug, the one who's on top? (6)
18 Not a person of habit, I would reverse and separate crushed nuts (6)
21 Insurrectionists start to invade screened off White House? (9)
22 Spy's negative input to concession (5)
23 Princess once very stuck with catastrophic glue leak (7)
26 'Love glove' hack is missed out (7)
27 Republican America in grip of volatile beast? Hard to fathom (8)
28 Ageing rockers' singular tempers (6)

1 Dark, closed off hairy things (10)
2 Donald, contrite finally, left in exile (6)
3 See 12ac.
4 You texted "Right Rex" wearing sturdy girdle (8)
5 Balls-up shock (4)
6 Organ's gold, possibly – but it's not much to look at (7)
7 Handy employee gets Truss drunk we hear (6)
9 Orange tongue? (8)
14/15 We stir, not confident about what we're going through? (6,2,10)
17 Premier's right wing altered, in disarray – prepare for the worst! (3,5)
19 Prime minister makes real money it's said (7)
20 Diggers or Trumps, perhaps (6)
22 Furtive as an item of female underwear (6)
24 'Fraudulent votes' (Ohio excepted)
, so a Republican traitor's needs to be bullet-proof? (4)
25/7ac. Archer would find it a doddle, developing a grey state (4,6)

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