eye crossword
No. 671 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 28th February 2020. private eye crossword

1/13 Editorial by Sun on joint scam probe as a result of Corbyn's election failure (10,7)
7 See 28ac.
9 Lace comes undone in Test – rather tacky (7)
10 Republican with desperate air and vacuous Trumpery that's seldom met (6)
11 Issue of ending of strike by Unite (6)
12 USA about to be swallowed by multinational company – cheers! (8)
13 See 1ac.
15 Gnome's inferior, second best or shattered (7)
17 Trump primarily involved in Carter's conversion? Issue a disclaimer! (7)
19 Where your butt might get scrunched, end of street, between tree and beam (7)
22 Wrong two times, love – rather strained (8)
24 With leader gone, count on the French to take stock (6)
26 Having an erection, shout "Hullabaloo!" (6)
27 Complaint about Democrat backing out of a 'train crash' (7)
28/7 Refuse to be buried in this country stuff (8)
29 Star, eyes rolling, appears in blockbuster film to attain comfortable affluence (4,6)

2 Old lover wants casual alternative, essentially sex that's spontaneous (9)
3 Depressed day nurse (5)
4 Topless sport, son? It might give you bow legs (7)
5 Prime suspect, yeh, Doris (6)
6 Head is safer with full protection from this (7)
7 To idly pass the time, female partner of Paul has a bit of wrestling? (4,5)
8 Piles covering inside of bum, flower? (5)
14 The Lords to be disbanded around end of March – at which point, expect to pay tax? (9)
16 Exercise to reverse EU involvement with latte adornment (9)
18 Bed Brenda? That is a secretive association (7)
20 American backed end of year bonus – it’s too much (7)
21 Slough artist covered in green stuff (6)
23 Character in denial, phallus-wise (5)
25 Defame male drowned in burn (5)

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Bar humbug!
Brave Suella’s rise to the top

Diamond geezer
Tory treasurer’s associate in court

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