eye crossword
No. 733 by Cyclops, Issue 1578
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword

1 Balls inverted after bottom of pants turned in – nasty (5)
4 Promotion of lousy independent leaders secured by local financial centre (9)
10 Branded second vehicle, loud colour (7)
11 Putin's about to imprison dissenter, finally – idiot! (6)
12 Write article on no good state of Malaysia (6)
13 To control urge, let cycling absorb one (8)
14 US's last missile? That's harsh (8)
16 Knock over Grant: it might make you feel better (6)
18 See about stuffing a revolutionary, to follow dessert? (6)
20 Overcome knight said to assume bonking position (8)
22 One has drunk gin with true artifice (8)
24 Plant Cyclops had twisted round in hives? (6)
25 Ballot measurement that can be irritating (6)
26 Non-religious clause removed by Republican (7)
27 Unpleasant climax with sweaty bum (6,3)
28 Hackneyed introduction to Sun story (5)

2 About to turn against Labour? That won't be a problem (2,5)
3/5 How to stress something Boris & co wanted us to do about Partygate (4,1,4,5,2)
6 Robert Maxwell type in the limelight? "One little reptile!" (9)
7 Wow – a LibDem leader that's endangered in the main! (5)
8 Emblem of a nation's awful shit time, dogged by the French (7)
9/24dn. Music genre expert finally getting pitch (4,4)
15 Issue with new city limits – crisis! (9)
17 Gore's against Conservative crowd: not good for circulation (5,4)
19 What those in low-cut dresses might do to relax (4,3)
20 Rolling Stones taking temperature, as protection from the Texas sun? (7)
21 Sort to fiddle around in sweet Fanny Adams's orifice (7)
23 Something from the past brought up by some imbecile reactionary (5)
24 See 9dn.

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Private Eye Issue 1578
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24th August 2022
Private Eye Issue 1577