eye crossword
No. 719 by Cyclops, Issue 1564
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword

9 Arse let out with end of trouser snake (7)
10 Went round with corrupt cleric, initially defrocked (7)
11 Power-driven, advanced, spread out and screwed (9)
12 Tackle bent back – no end to the thickness (5)
13 Frontman is (IMO)
one to ferment fake news (14)
16 Ratty Conservative, having no alternative, accepts draw (6)
18 Sheeran is no flipping innovator (6)
21 Sense of optimism, as a result of grope by wicked female player (4-4,6)
24 Mad Conservative leader taking on Jonathan? (5)
25 More lowly than a writer? Make sure you get your Eye regularly! (9)
27 Cloth stuck into tool – tender! (7)
28 Real stupid, squeezing say, opening of willy stocking? (7)

1 Hunt involved with barmy broadcast: plausible-sounding rubbish (5,4)
2 Fact: America is rank (6)
3 Criticize city mired in sexual activity (4)
4 Love quota, the speechmaker's thing (7)
5 Winehouse framing arsehole associated with English establishment (7)
6 President, not finished with America, recruits conservative faction – brainwave! (6,4)
7 Terrible slog to cover ultimately unfair debt (grand) (8)
8 State aid squandered by House (5)
14 In complete denial when nitrogen added to his illicit rum – left to withdraw (10)
15 Rare rains ruptured behind (2,7)
17 Duck holds bear up (not taking the piss) (8)
19 Possible pot victim has to throw rest out (7)
20 Bizarre Fuhrer's exclusive possession? (7)
22 Can Labour finally overcome Left? (6)
23 Upper-class coffee houses jibe (5)
26 Enclosure: cocaine (mature) (4)

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Private Eye Issue 1564
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The Ghislaine Maxwell I never met – Exclusive to all papers… Man known to police on both sides of Atlantic seen walking freely in grounds of Windsor Castle… Brilliant Kate plays piano for charity while lazy, talentless Meghan stays at home doing nothing – Daily Middleton Exclusive… Omicron variant will devastate UK and / or fizzle out harmlessly, all columnists agree… Keir Starmer considers ‘informal non-aggression pact’ with Labour party before general election… Freedom campaigners in Covid Research Group demand mask-free version of ITV’s The Masked Singer… Turds complain after seeing humans in sea enjoying New Year swim… No raids and no arrests in Hong Kong, insists South China Morning Post-Truth… That Heartfelt Prince Andrew Apology he didn’t make in full… Joan Collins’ and Taki’s Diary, as told to Craig Brown

Profits of doom
More vast mark-ups on LFTs and PPE

Nuclear power
EDF and an awkward chain reaction

Gong wrongs
New Year Honours round-up

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2nd February 2022
Private Eye Issue 1563