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No. 709 by Cyclops, Issue 1554
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword

8 Speed is sadly not connected with having an erection (3-2)
9 Practical application of elastic to bind one after end of knee-trembler (9)
10 Unreasonably led, spilling seed – I'll be off (6-3)
11 Hack into China? On yer bike! (5)
12/14 The government plans to diminish this migrant cash transaction (to be confined in small, basic building)
15 Go down on former spy, being a sucker (4,3)
16 To do with the Sun crushing church academic (7)
18 Retiring person's habit of playing with thing (good, admit)
21 Taunt American making a U-turn for a sweetener (5)
23 A small piece folded back over one's bony member (5)
24 Particularly hard setback caused by raw cannabis (5,4)
26 Conservative type organised a discount (9)
27 Lecherous male rested a short time (5)

1 Playing as well as ever, Labour diva ends up quite relaxed (8)
2 Mate underneath round stone (4)
3 See 25dn. 4 Sneaking one in, the GP wrongly put a cap on this? (6)
5 Kills off official reports (10)
6 Boris lost charisma ultimately on foreign aid grounds (6)
7 Old record kept by courts about Hirst? (8)
8 Boob by chaplain, a small one (5)
13 Barnier? A reign too involved with Brexit at the end (10)
15 Blow job machine act is adapted for extremists (8)
16 Tabloid grilled Brown? (8)
17 It's only right for a member to get turned on in the extremes of agony (8)
19 Try taking on knockers and lose all your money (2,4)
20 Spectacular bloomer has love child moving right not left (6)
22 Crafty sportsperson, argumentative type (5)
25/3 "Abandoned right by gutless politician," as an owner might claim (4,8)

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Private Eye Issue 1554
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Electric shocker
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29th September 2021
Private Eye Issue 1553