eye crossword
No. 682 by Cyclops
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8 Scottish moneybags constructing bridges to carry old posh car (8)
9 See 13ac.
11 Scrutinize gold stuck on former royal toilet top (5)
12 Some sucker, distraught, left – "Tess Daly's back!" (6,3)
13/9/24 Rueful thought of Cyclops during lockdown, as confessed in Pedantry Corner? (1,6,3,3,4)
15 Brown needs balls and new plonker (7)
17 Boiling tar oil and a gun that Trump would use against BLM protestors? (8,5)
21 Old Tory leader in court – wiped out (7)
22 Conservative and overtly leftist Labour sources, etc, surprisingly converge (7)
23 Classic tales of Ian Hislop backing Tory PM (9)
25 Trump's inauguration here – fake number! (5)
27 Four bollocks – about to make a big fuss (6)
28 Like a nerd, you might say, left snapping selfies? (8)

1 CIA scrambling to cover up as it's out of the continent (7)
2 See 16dn.
3 On tour, rips out knob? (10)
4 One tabloid's topless sex hack (6)
5 Old queen's live sex show debuts (4)
6 Where Trump likes to retreat, being beat up over race (4,6)
7 Initial coronavirus lockdown advice, with government initially holding out (7)
10 Good to be on top of wishy-washy liberal, having ditched presidential candidate, pet? (6)
14 Constitution has race problem? That's Matt Hancock's province (10)
16/2 An oath, e.g. "Fake!" (4-6,4)
18 Reckless Trumpean dismissing PM's constitution (6)
19 Go away, rather coarsely protecting rear, to repel an attack (4,3)
20 Dissolute, 'at it', he's no monk (7)
22 Prison made for Frank (6)
24 See 13ac.
26 Look like a dirty old man up wind (4)

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‘Quarantine rule ruined my holiday,’ says ordinary Brit in Spain, Mr G. Shapps… ‘I’ve totally had it with England,’ says Scotland as lockdown split-ups rise…‘I didn’t need Russian Brexit vote meddling to plunge UK into chaos,’ insists Cameron… Government pledges to meet challenge of messing up roll-out of any successful new vaccine… Experts warn of second wave of baffling articles about Brexit trade chaos as winter looms… Property prices crash to new highs in stamp duty confusion… Mass gathering of Liverpool supporters celebrate winning ‘Stupidest Football Fans’ title… The Guardian Online, as told to Craig Brown

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Cuts finally hit home at a busy HSE

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11th August 2020
Private Eye Issue 1526