eye crossword
No. 660 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 27th September 2019. private eye crossword

1/10 "Famously ineffective session of MPs" (Cyclops' cryptic rendering of 'ear implant')
5 Those on lowest income trashed by Toffs Row (5,3)
9 Bath wedged against your end? Scrap? (4)
10 See 1ac.
11 Ultimately, Trump displays crazy, pathetic, mammoth ego – scary picture! (6)
12 Male model with fantastic tan? Not how Trump comes across (8)
13 Stacks of cash over at retail chain – it's only temporary (7)
15 Old-fashioned court twerp inhaling glue (7)
17 Stop reading our mag, Kip! (4-3)
19 Rather big feature of Stalin: holding back poor (7)
22 Disrespectful, having capsized off the South coast? (8)
24 Turn on old partner wanting sex in church (6)
26 Artfully play God, holding nothing back – maybe the one that made Brexit a reality? (7,3)
27/2 Abandoned lay: the failed would-be MP's forfeit (4,7)
28 "One can't go on longer than this": Brenda coming to end of reign, overwhelmed by it, yet perverse (8)
29 Without me member, lost way, ultimately, love – and that's just the beginning (6)

2 See 27ac.
3 Poetically emotional, disgustingly rich element (5)
4 Maybe I'd comply with American premier's tactfulness (9)
5 Line up your quaint VIP (6)
6 Remains, as grizzlies head off? (5)
7 Prison sentence comes before hearing? That puts you up against the clock (4,5)
8 At last Corbyn has cut intended funds (7)
14 "Fat belly on tough old bird": hardly high literature (9)
16 Don't attack Lebanese city's central expansion (5,4)
18 Charity gets together with love in shack (7)
20 Make sure your partner gets enough fist action in for example? (7)
21 Very dull dirty dog put in enclosure (6)
23 Lassitude at the heart of drunken nuisance (5)
25 Big shot wants ad removed in stupid debacle (5)

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Entries: Send your completed entries via post to Crossword, Private Eye, Carlisle Street, London W1D 3BN or via email here.

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