eye crossword
No. 729 by Cyclops, Issue 1574
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword

1 Top puller reveals bad loser's vainglorious erection (5,5)
7 See 28ac.
9 Plug from piss artist drinking stuff (6)
10 Not coming clean with your lover? (6,2)
11 Er, my boy, being squeezed by mate is intimate (8)
12 Where a tosser came to be easily accessible? (2,4)
13 Suffocating? Don't broadcast so much (7)
15 Carrie partying with Fay? That is out – quite a different matter (1,3,3)
17 Mad hot party, leader not present – showing Covid symptom? (7)
19 Game Tory put on trial (7)
22 Being inactive like Labour leader, piss about (6)
24 Showing crafty skill, devious rat lives with loveless Tory (8)
26 Large body associated with a lying bum – awkward (8)
27 Prudence has Brenda calling (6)
28/7 Evil aspect of Democrat party, confining biblical craft (4,4)
29 To get involved in a fight – that's Putin's focus and view supporting (6,4)

2 Hard to escape HRH's penile dysfunction – return to full capacity? (9)
3 Brief version of Private Eye by American wise guy? (5)
4 Was a consumer about to be overwhelmed by 'mangled nuts' disease? (7)
5 Words of question-avoiding politician that he might have to eat? (6)
6 Degenerate Dicky's share? (4-3)
7 Start to squeeze nuts hard – terrible institution leading to a soldier's passing out (9)
8 Be condescending, ending badly with name struck off (5)
14 Speaker's indiscretion? Filling peer with false tales (5,4)
16 Inject new life into Starmer's ultimate barmy rest-cure (9)
18 Bump off granny? It would go to your head (7)
20 Eye's description of storming of Capitol (7)
21 Gorge – no matter what – in study (6)
23 Seasonal deliveryman, somewhat unpleasant (Amazon)
25 It could be a No.10 bonk (5)

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Private Eye Issue 1574
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How dare Sue Gray try to politicise the report she was asked to produce by the Prime Minister, says Daily Blackmail… Downing St wants public to forget what happened in 2020 as PM insists UK cannot spend its way out of cost-of-living crisis… Fears rise that working people will soon no longer be able to afford eggs to throw at Thatcher statue… Detailed analysis of historic crime scene shows JFK was shot by Palestinian snipers, claims Israeli Defence Force… Kremlin confirms retired army colonel who told TV viewers of Russian forces’ plight in Ukraine has committed suicide in three weeks’ time… Praise as ordinary gay man braves social stigma of admitting: ‘Yes, I’m a professional footballer’… Memories of the Silver Jubilee 1977, as told to Craig Brown

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13th July 2022
Private Eye Issue 1573