eye crossword
No. 713 by Cyclops, Issue 1558
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 22nd October 2021. private eye crossword

5 Handy cash secures 'incorruptible' left-wing leaders with no difficulty (7)
7 Go on the attack when miserable arses pocket two grand (7)
10 Whip: "F*** the record!" (4)
11 Awful Boris clan protects upper class – they'll need to be focussed (10)
12/14dn. Organisation prepared to demonstrate it's no longer being associated with a revolting activity (10,9)
14 Boris, with sod all right, needs flipping sex frolic? (4)
15 One who keeps going round hospital – not Beardie's thing (6)
16 Reversal of ban, with US spies going round about an area of north Africa (6)
19 Boris, a year inside – bloody hell! (1,3)
21 Chuck consul out then Conservative leader out? Unfortunately not (2,4,4)
22 Romantic's sword throw on getting pissed (10)
25 See 24dn.
26 Handed over by hospital aid for the purpose of operational cuts? (7)
27 Ex-president's "Fraud!" – holding back nothing by end of count (7)

1 Knee-jerk reactions feel right, in short, when involved with sex (8)
2 Good-for-nothing American swine crushes left (4)
3 Narcissist's erection controlled with elastic and string finally (10)
4 A sort of sex examination (4)
6 Tiring day screwing big shot (9)
8 Drugs tipped onto spirit which is injected to give immunity (5)
9 Putting sex back into political party is a silly thing to get up to (5)
13 Is a char putting on blubber, winning all prizes? (5,5)
14 See 12ac.
17 Dawn, Dick, Charles, initially and Barney (4-4)
18 'Up yours!' – PO should quit the practice of high interest lending (5)
20 Uncomplaining sort of drunken sot in charge (5)
23 Party officer is a plonker (4)
24/25 Henry briefly following creep, Nick (4-4)

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Private Eye Issue 1558
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27th October 2021
Private Eye Issue 1557