eye crossword
No. 698 by Cyclops, Issue 1543
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword

1 Industrial action has greedy western leaders appropriating capital (2-4)
4 Balls, cut by very kinky love, developed? (7)
9/25 Trump-like, though personally not having taken an extreme position? (4-7)
10 Sibyl's so-so earthy broadcast (10)
11 A bishop 'delivered' by drug (twice)
– he's at another place (8)
12 Ex-PM pitched against ex-political broadcaster – call for help! (6)
13 Elected Democrat: "Need Pence to break up liberty" (12)
17 On the outside an arse, not one to be taken lightly (8,4)
19 Firm Melody squeezing T Rex (6)
21 Seductive politician can get mad on the outside (8)
23 Choke Santa's reindeer, one making a clatter (4,6)
24 See 22dn.
25 See 9ac.
26 Democratic experiment starts with a Native American order (6)

1 Acts in accordance with Fish, taking drugs (4,2)
2 Pain and grief's fun, in an odd way (9)
3 The place to make a film, 'Storming' (5)
5 Zeal is a feature of destructive he-men, certainly (9)
6 Fly comes undone, going round each green (5)
7 Finally, Conservative member gets cane out, showing refinement (8)
8 Gunboat diplomacy? "Low prospect," I repeated, "for change" (5,8)
14 To belittle and head off Biden's reform, strike a false note (9)
15 With intervention of the body politic, career is set back – it could get a whole family on the move (6,3)
16 A medicinal sweet from Dicky, covered in mush (8)
18 Feeling tense, love – need to be stimulated around top of genitals (2,4)
20 Should get tough pissed (5)
22/24 Flashy system buggered up some credo? (5,4)

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Private Eye Issue 1543
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Peaceful vigil turns violent when group of men described as ‘the police’ turn up… Spot the logical fallacy! The Eye’s Grand Royal Interview Quiz… Families allowed to dream up excuses again not to visit Granny as care homes reopen… Senior TV royal gives up public service role at Good Morning Britain… Syria misery intensifies as coronavirus tests positive for Assad-19… Only way to avoid a new lockdown is to maintain current one, insists Prof Chris Whitty… NHS Test & Trace unable to track down any member of the public who thinks it’s wasted £37bn… Jordan B Peterson’s Rules for Life, as told to Craig Brown

Protocol error
Food export fiasco and a major diplomatic row

Fringe politics
Lockdown sceptics look to the right

Royal Special
The Street of Shame’s Paper Tigers

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28th April 2021
Private Eye Issue 1542