rotten boroughs

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As meals on wheels are cut and historic buildings sold to developers, the council splurges on six new PR posts.

The council’s record housing teenage asylum seekers with no supervision by adults sparks worries over the welfare of unaccompanied refugee children.

The councillor who moved to North Carolina – yet continued to claim council allowances – finally quits.

Council gets through three Tory leaders in two weeks following a scandal over the vetting of local taxi drivers.

The town hall splashes out on a new monthly newspaper costing £240,000 a year, while real services face cuts.

Why the tram inquiry looks set to be as overdue and over budget as the trams themselves.

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And also...

- Whitehall-Wash: Why government files stay secret for so long
- Privacy law latest: No, you really can’t speak ill of the dead.
- PLUS: Cameron’s honours; Corbyn’s follies; cartoons galore & more.

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