eye crossword
No. 599 by Cyclops
£100 prize to the first correct solution opened on 26th May 2017. private eye crossword
7 Broadcast 'right look' for Kim Jong-un's idea of news? (10)
8 Not very clever, getting upset over Labour leader's slight (4)
10/25 Dope on sources of the Economic Reform Bill, put to great use by Trump (7,7)
11 Proper clever, ignoring Boris's lead (5)
12 Pissed after change of leader – frightful mess (5)
13 Rude – time to cut down on Streep-like stuff (8)
15 State gets Mark ace Eye application (7)
17 Snort cocaine right inside sleazy hotel (7)
20 Northern town has goods on Blair? Almost (8)
22 Blemish on Theresa's no. 1, as heard in church? (5)
24 Would-be elder statesman's second-rate retreat (5)
25 See 10ac. 26/21 Boris-style warning? "One gets rattled," he snapped (4,6)
27 Piss? Drat, I suspect a plant! (10)

1 Strangely non-American POTUS, Net star of religion (10)
2 Own up about "heartless Piccadilly", being an agent? (6)
3 A bastard overturned schedule – troublemaker (8)
4 Trump, dismissing politician: "hunt out fake news!" (7)
5 Stuff bra out, stuck into French chip (6)
6 Boris ultimately left in clutches of assailant – mule! (8)
9 See 24dn. 14 "Welcoming transformed USA with a lot less love" – politician (10)
16 Takes Tebbit's advice, seizing commercial holiday islands (8)
18 "One force in the House – topping!" (8)
19 Uranium poo container takes hospital down (7)
21 See 26ac. 23 There's no denying that much of Donald is malice primarily (6)
24/9 Unsavoury bunch of banker types starts importing dodgy load (3,3)

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