eye crossword
No. 625 by Cyclops
Please note: we are no longer accepting entries for this crossword. private eye crossword
6 C-Cyclops pinched by crap fastener (7)
8 Johnson famously gets one by balls – perverse (7)
11 Bill wants politician to withdraw (9)
12 Brothel entrance has classical beauty (5)
13 Leader elected after fix? (5)
14 Sod the party crackpot (9)
15 Maine politician belonging to 'the man's city' (7)
17 Artistic print: sod all about sod all – shred! (7)
19 Prepare for a Friday at work and give someone a bollocking (5,4)
22 1/500th of a monkey's enclosure (5)
24 Carry Brenda's foreign piece (5)
25 Goat nestling up to bit of bra, flower? (9)
26 Before sex, Jeremy's half ready for underwear (7)
27 Flash Brown's in this month (7)

1 One scrambled egg followed by a pee, of no consequence to Ronnie Wood? (3,3)
2 Left wing group takes little time getting males on corporation (8)
3 See 18dn.
4 Markle's mixed up with EC leaders – fishy, that (8)
5 "Just Victory. Good Crowd" – Daily Mail etc. (5,4,5)
7 Harry, for instance? Yes and no (3,2,3,6)
9 Source of apple tart turned up in US city (5)
10 Buzz allowed to be a hairy thing (7)
15 Mean Conservative gains Joanna's heart (6,1)
16 Shambolic BHS involved with Boris (having changed political sides)
18/3 Act desperately, grab ex-Labour minister by balls, finally (6,2,6)
20 I agree to get screwed without a peak (5)
21 Doin' it without holding ass (6)
23 Possibly McDonnell's task to stifle sources of external pressure (6)

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