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No. 518 by Cyclops
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7 Given the dumbing down treatment, old-style court favoured initially by Miliband? (5-3)
8 Way to have a shag the old-fashioned way – it's a breeze (6)
10 Start to plug middle of chef Lawson's kinky TV genre? (5,4)
11/1 Singer Jack's a fair way through "No hotel to be trashed before noon" (5,4)
12 Chuck has rest disturbed – pot victim? (7)
14 Pulp fiction? Yours is crap, nothing omitted, coming in scrolls? (7)
15 Rival, mid-revolution, introduced as a tough guy leader (8,5)
20 Stony-hearted international body relocated (7)
22 Weird casual business associated with left half of bust (7)
23 Spin worth a toss? (5)
24 Sick? Well, it's the sprogs (9)
26 They can't be any better when vibrating ladies (6)
27 Info, e-shit and fifty collective attributes of a sexually-active group (4,4)

1 See 11ac. 2 a Like a blow-up doll accepted by boring bloke (8)
3 Act shocked about collaring church sexual predator (6)
4 Drip wrapping up right movie star (6)
5 Breed of fixer – retro bastard (3,7)
6 Dicky feeling Nell's tits, twice taking time out for refreshment (7)
7 Give me what I want, gymnastic fashion! (6)
9 Nick, you're one southern wanker, initially ripe for replacement (6)
13 Balls, spot the alien confident state of investors! (4,6)
16 Rabid beast's bloody U-turn? (3,3)
17 Member possibly exposed and deprived of get up and go? (8)
18 See 25dn. 19 Boris's first to measure young female's expansive region (6)
21 IOU, say, which takes guts when leader's replaced (6)
22 Fan Brenda – boring old fart (6)
25/18 Press screen reinstated by 15? (4,7)
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