rotten boroughs

Top stories in the latest issue:

Why the city’s director of finance Becky Hellard is sitting at home on leave negotiating a severance package through her solicitors.

The World Rugby Hall of Fame was meant to generate £500,000 a year for the council but has so far earned just £15,000 in ticket sales.

Things go from bad to worse for former mayor Lutfur Rahman, who has now been struck off as a solicitor for ‘misconduct at the highest level’.

Councillors get a 24-hour start on hapless members of the public when buying tickets online for popular summer gigs at the council-owned open-air theatre.

A controversial former Unison official is chosen as a candidate to fight a safe Labour seat in May’s local elections.

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And also...

- Surplice funds: CofE plays hardball in payouts to abuse victims
- Money laundering: The UK’s still dutiful launderette
- Heath ’n’ smiles: Operation Conifer cops spin a yarn

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