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Kate Middleton Prince George
Issue 1364
18 April 2014
Nick Clegg Nigel Farage
Issue 1363
4 April 2014
Russian Soldiers
Issue 1362
21 March 2014
Vladimir Putin
Issue 1361
7 March 2014
George Brown
Issue 121
5 August 1966
Harold Wilson Ray Gunter
Issue 157
22 December 1967
Ted Heath George Brown
Issue 135
17 February 1967
Ian Paisley
Issue 186
31 January 1969
George Brown
Issue 217
10 April 1970
Houses Of Parliament
Issue 354
11 July 1975
Harold Wilson Mary Wilson
Issue 250
16 July 1971
Princess Margaret
Issue 423
3 March 1978
Robert Maxwell
Issue 685
18 March 1988
Robert Maxwell Tiny Rowland
Issue 584
4 May 1984
Rupert Murdoch William Rees-Mogg
Issue 499
30 January 1981
Christmas Harold Macmillan Denis Thatcher The Queen Margaret Thatcher Harold Wilson Jim Callaghan Alec Douglas-Home
Issue 626
13 December 1985
Kenneth Baker
Issue 741
11 May 1990
The Queen
Issue 853
25 August 1994
William Roache
Issue 780
8 November 1991
John Major
Issue 806
6 November 1992
David Cameron
Issue 1149
6 January 2006
Michael Martin Gordon Brown Joanna Lumley Margaret Moran Hazel Blears House Of Commons
Issue 1237
29 May 2009
George W Bush Laura Bush
Issue 1119
12 November 2004
The Windsors
Issue 1211
30 May 2008
Colonel Gaddafi
Issue 1296
2 September 2011
Father Christmas Christmas
Issue 1356
23 December 2013
David Cameron Vladimir Putin Goerge Osborne Paul McCartney Stell McCartney Nancy Shevell Boris Johnson Nick Clegg Jeremy Hunt Rupert Murdoch Fiona Bruce
Issue 1320
10 August 2012
David Cameron Boris Johnson
Issue 1318
13 July 2012
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Private Eye Issue 1364
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‘I Wasn’t Groped in Commons’ – Researcher’s Dramatic Claim… New From Gnome: The ‘Potty About George’ Potty… ‘Mission Accomplished’ Says Grand Old Duke of York in Helmand… That All-Purpose Housing Crisis Piece in Full… Russia ‘Sends in Peacekeepers’… Smug Alert Provoked by Number 11 Downing Street… Arianna Huffington: Six Steps to Finding Inner Happiness and Marketing It, as told to Craig Brown

And also...

- NHS smear test: M.D. on the cover-ups that go right to the top.
- Censor sensitivity: How Cambridge University Press caved in to Putin.
- Deepcut inquests: New hope at last for the bereaved families of four army recruits
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Private Eye Issue 1363