rotten boroughs

Top stories in the latest issue:

Furious local MP Norman Lamb balls out the council as it continues to back-pedal and obfuscate over a review into the treatment of foster carers.

Chief exec Paul Najsarek banks a £90,000 payoff after just five months in the job – and residents want to know why.

Labour councillor praises local racial harmony – having last year fawned over a visiting Pakistani senator whose primitive views are anything but harmonious.

How a peaceful wheelie bin protest at the home of council leader Steve Curran led to a weedy retired photographer being hounded by police.

The council continued to use a controversial law firm shunned by others after its founder taunted families of disabled children via Twitter.

Four Tories resign the whip over their treatment by police trying to find out who leaked a draft report exposing the council’s lax record on child safety.

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And also...

- The Headmistress writes… Meet the new head at St Theresa’s
- Spending $pree: MoD flashes the cash before the £ falls even further
- PLUS: Chilcot round-up; Dr B Ching on Govia’s Southern bellends; & more!

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